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Bronze Sculpture
Sino Sculpture Group Limited - as the leading manufacturer for design and production of bronze sculptures, In the past 20 years, it has accumulated a large amount of experience in making exquisite and high-quality bronze sculptures  brass statue, and has been highly recognized by cooperated artists, sculptors, architects and designers, fabricated more than 50  pieces of large bronze art sculpture for the world important location.

Bronze foundry of the sino sculpture group office
Sino Sculpture's Beijing foundry office
The-giant Buddha-statue-of Wat-Paknam Phasi-Charoen temple-Bangkok- Thailand
Reuters Report the large bronze buddha made by Sino Sculpture Group 
The giant Buddha statue of Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen temple is seen in Bangkok, Thailand, June 10, 2021. Picture taken June 10, 2021 with a drone. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

Large bronze buddha sculpture Bangkok Thailand   Fabrication by Sino Sculpture Group 
Contemporary Art sculpture By Sculpture by the Sea Australia 

antique patina bronze sculpture
Custom bronze sculpture for Canda Park.Finish: Green antique patina 
Bronze Rugby statue sandymounts hotel
Bronze Rugby Sculpture | Sandymount Hotel in Dublin Ireland

Contemporary art statue WA Australia  / Sculptor  Ayad Alqaragholli

sino sculpture bronze casting foundry beijing
Sino Sculpture's lose wax and sand casting foundry 
Sino's Sculpture Foundry has a group of highly skilled technical teams.  Their exquisite sculpture production techniques, combined with perfect enterprise management, have created numbers of fine sculptures art all over the world. The application of technology 3D Support and Spatial positioning has given great support for the large bronze sculpture fabrication Especially in terms of artistic level, precision, and visualization.

3D and CAD application on  the large bronze buddha sculptures  design and fabrication 
Sino Sculpture Group combines traditional bronze casting technology with modern computer technology and uses computer 3D modeling technology to make the sculpture's plasticity more direct, fast, intuitive, more accurate modeling, easier modification, greatly shortening the production period. Our company's production efficiency has also been greatly improved.
showroom of the sino sculpture beijing

New office building of Sino Sculptures - outdoor view                      New office building of Sino Sculptures - interior view  

Foundry Production Views 
The following introduces the process of bronze casting and forging process, to let you understand the similarities and differences of these two processes in more depth.
Casting Process,
1. Designing.                                                                                                                                                 
Our designing team will design 2-3 drafts for comparison and selection according to the customer's design requirements. The design carrier needs to be selected according to the shape of the sculpture. If it is a sculpture of a character, an animal, or an irregular, complicated texture, or the shape is too small, we will make a clay model. If the shape is regular, it can be done directly using computer 3D modeling technology.
Alternatively, if the customer has a design, if it is a small draft, we will generally perform a 1: 1 scale-up process, and then combine the production process and internal structure requirements to properly optimize the model without changing the external shape of the sculpture.
clay model of the bronze sculptures
Clay Model design of a figure Statue

3d model of the bronze sculptures
3D model design by Computer software

2. Modeling
Clay modeling and 3D modeling are only the first steps in making a model. After obtaining the clay model confirmed by the customer, the FRP model will be converted afterward to facilitate the transportation and storage of the model. In the foundry, silicone and wax molds are produced. The 3D model will directly use 3D printing or engraving technology to produce a more accurate model quickly and directly. Then, a silicone mold and a wax mold are followed.
Put the prepared wax mold into the soaking tank, to make it wet, and take it out and wrap it with quartz sand, then hang it to dry for the next step use.
Firber glass modei-wax model-quartz sand
Fiberglass model-wax model-quartz sand

3. Casting
The wax mold coated with quartz sand will become hard after drying, putting it in the furnace and heating it, so that the wax inside will melt out from the reserved holes. Slowly pour the molten copper and bronze water from the reserved injection opening into the mold. After being left to cool, the quartz sand is knocked out, and then the sandblasting treatment is performed to obtain a copper bronze casting product.
lose wax casting bronze statue
Casting in Bronze

4. Welding
For small sculptures, we can cast them all at one time, which is simpler. However, large-scale bronze sculptures, need to be divided into small pieces for block casting. Welding each single cast copper plate after casting to form a complete large-scale copper sculpture.
welding of the casted bronze sculptures
Welded the casting bronze to form a sculpture

6. Grinding & Polishing
After sandblasting, the surface is still uneven or smooth, which requires grinding and polishing to make the surface of the copper bronze sculpture smooth. This process requires a special polishing master to complete the polishing process of the sculptural surface using various sizes of polishing equipment. This process plays a very important role in the later molding of the sculpture.
sanded and polished of the bronze sculptures

6. Finish
To make the sculpture look more beautiful, to reduce the corrosion damage to the sculpture by harmful substances such as acidic air and moisture, and to prolong the service life of the sculpture, special treatment is usually applied to the bronze outer surface. The most commonly used bronze sculpture surface treatment methods are patina, painting, gold leaf, and electroplating. We do not recommend mirror polishing, because the copper bronze material will be oxidized very quickly if it is directly exposed to the air, and the mirror effect will be destroyed in a short time. The post-maintenance cycle will be shorter and the cost will be higher.
After the surface treatment, a bronze sculpture is completed. The whole process seems simple, but it is also very difficult to grasp the key steps, such as how to cast more perfectly when pouring, without generating bubbles, or how to better repair small sand holes when welding.
antique patina of the bronze sculptures

An exquisite bronze sculpture cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the masters in each step, which requires everyone to work together. Sino Sculpture always adheres to the corporate philosophy of quality first, so that each piece of bronze sculpture from our hands can shine in all corners of the world and bring beauty to humanity.
Over the past 20 years, Sino Sculpture has produced hundreds of metal sculpture projects of various sizes for artists, designers, galleries, and around the world. Many excellent and very different bronze artworks are spread all over the world. Here are some excellent cases.
bronze sculpture onlympic game 2008
custom bronze statue china
Domestic Bronze Sculpture by Bronze Casting
custom warrior and general bronze statue
bronze sculptures australia
Foreign Bronze Artworks by Bronze Casting 

The copper-bronze forging process is simpler in terms of procedures because it is a cold treatment method, copper will not be melted at high temperatures, so the pollution to the environment will be much smaller. It is an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The production steps are as follows,
1. Cutting
Forging a copper bronze sculpture, the first step is to divide the partition between the model, then use cardboard to cut according to the size of the partition, and then cut the same size copper bronze plate according to the cut cardboard. This step we called it cutting.
model of the bronze sculptures forging

2. Forging
The forging master will use the custom-shaped hammer to beat the cut copper plate tens of thousands of times so that the shape of the copper plate is completely consistent with the corresponding partition shape on the model. Then repeat the forging process continuously, so that the shape of the copper plate corresponding to each partition on the model matches.
This procedure is a key step in the forging process and it directly affects the effect of the final sculpture after molding. This step needs to be completed and checked by an experienced forging master. Each of the forging masters in the Sino Sculpture company is carefully selected and has excellent forging craft and rich forging experience.
welding of the large bronze sculptures

3. Welding, Grinding
Each forged copper plate is welded together in turn. The thickness of the forged copper plate is 1.5mm-4mm. Welding uses argon arc welding and full penetration welding to ensure that the copper bronze plate is not cracked and not deformed. Use a portable hand-held sander to grind and polish each weld line, and finally perform flaw detection and other tests on each weld to ensure welding quality.
forged bronze sculptures

4. Finish
The finish of the forging craft is the same as the castings.
Some hand-forging copper bronze sculptures for reference of Sino Sculpture Group.
bronze monument sculptures,monument

Completing so many fine bronze sculptures and won praises from the world, and as a leading metal sculpture fabrication company in the industry, what specific advantages do we have? The following are the answers.
1. Correct company philosophy
Attaching importance to quality and craftsmanship --- Sino Sculpture Group regards quality as life. The production of each sculpture, from the selection of materials and accessories, must go through layers of checks, and the production of sculptures also needs to be checked and accepted several times. If there is a problem in any step, it is immediately ordered to modify and adjust until it is qualified. Eliminate masters with poor craftsmanship to ensure team level. It is our responsibility to serve every customer wholeheartedly, thinking of what the customer thinks, and actively feedback the customer.
visit of the sino sculptures

2. Pay attention to investment
Keep abreast of industry trends and apply new equipment and process methods to actual production in time. Constantly learn, innovate, and reward the innovative employees. Since 2017, Beijing has been increasing its pollution control efforts. Under pressure, Sino Sculpture has relocated its factory to Xiamen, and the office also changed. However, our company actively dealt with it and quickly completed the production transfer. The new office building was also opened quickly, which will not delay the operation. The construction period needs to catch up, and various tasks are also connected in an orderly manner. All of this cannot be achieved without the decision and investment of our company's leaders.
3. Ultra-high process level
Sino Sculpture attaches great importance to the quality of bronze sculptures and has also achieved very good results. This is inseparable from the specialized research and improvement of technology. When selecting enterprise personnel, they are carefully selected and included in the production team after strict assessment to ensure the consistency of the process level of the production team. We also actively learn advanced technology at home and abroad, and apply advanced production equipment, such as welding equipment, grinding, and polishing equipment. Constantly break through the original process limitations to achieve higher process standards.
clay model of the bronze statue

4. Professional Service System
From the customer's inquiry to the successful delivery of the sculpture, the designated foreign trade sales follow the entire process to ensure smooth communication. Foreign trade sales play a key bridge role in all steps. In the inquiry stage, actively communicate with each customer to understand the customer's real needs and the specific requirements of sculpture production, and provide quotations according to them. During production, we will regularly feedback the production progress to customers and report the project situation. Before the sculpture is delivered from the factory, after the self-acceptance, the final acceptance is performed with the customer to ensure that the sculpture is delivered by the contract standards. Our company has a professional transportation team that can cooperate to provide global shipping and air transportation services, ensure that clients receive the sculptures in a complete and timely manner.
Foam model of the bronze buddha sculptures

5. Strong ability of Overseas Installation
From America to Europe to Asia, our overseas installation teams travel to different countries every year to provide professional installation services for large-scale sculptures. Compared with stone-based sculptures, metal sculptures have unparalleled advantages. One is that they are lightweight and the other is that they are easy to separate and re-weld. Convenient for transportation and installation of large sculptures. Perfect overseas installation team management, and actively cooperate with local technicians to ensure the smooth implementation of the installation work and demonstrate the spirit and dedication of Sino Sculpture craftsmen. The effective implementation of the installation plan and the steady advancement of the installation work allow the sculpture to be smoothly realized by the design requirements. And we oversee the installation team won unanimous praise from customers.

custom bronze president sculpture,chairman

Sino Sculpture 's Foundry  is  the experienced fine art bronze sculpture manufacturer  in North China.  Have a professional bronze art sculpture casting team, advanced casting facilities, traditional craftsmanship, and a special patina team with more than 20 years of experience. High precision lost wax casting bronze sculpture, sand casting Giant bronze sculptures, and hand forge / forging bronze sculpture craftsmanship for large sculptures is available from us.

We guaranteed bronze sculpture casting service at the artist level. Museum level.

3D MODEL and custom chairman sculpture from photos

Sino sculpture foundry is nominated sculpture manufacturer of two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.
Sino sculpture has advanced facilities and an experienced professional team to ensure precision bronze sculpture casting service and to realize the different requirements of artist work. Since established we have been engaged in the main Job as below list.

Artist, sculptor:   We are working on sculpture maquette enlargement and bronze sculpture casting, and the high requirement of patina service.

Commercial, municipal, government programs:  custom bronze sculptures, life-size bronze culture, bronze history monument sculptures, urban sculptures, bronze president, warrior, hero, poetry sculptures.
 With exchange with theme and detail content of the culture, our artist makes a creation for related sculptures for the specified project in 3D presentation or work on clay plaster mold design directly, then casting bronze sculpture, and installation the sculpture for the project.

Religious bronze sculpture: Custom Large bronze Buddha sculptures, bronze Jesus sculptures, The virgin Madonna sculpture, etc.

Main performance

  • 2022   Davonte sculpture's   USA  
  • 2021  Gold Leaf Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva  Seated Sculpture   at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Singapore.
  • 2021  Together , scultpure  at Lake Claremont, Australia
  • 2020   General Seare Mekonnen, Ethiopian 
  • 2020 Gold Leaf Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva  Standing  Sculpture  at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Singapore 
  • 2019  Large Bronze Thai Buddha   Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen temple  Bangkok  Thailand . 
    2018  Contemporary art scultpure for Sculpture by the sea , Australia 

  • 2014 World garden expo:  Custom bronze sculpture, casting bronze sculpture for the contemporary sculptor artist all over the world.
  • 2008 Olympic Stadium Park: large bronze sculpture, bronze contemporary art sculptures
Famous sculptor and artist all over the world.
  • 2006 National Art Museum:  precision cast bronze sculpture for the fine art museum collection. Custom bronze sculpture for different themes of the museum.
  • 2005 Gallery collection bronze sculptures: precision casting bronze contemporary art sculpture for the artist.

Sino Sculpture Group Beijing is a bronze sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our bronze sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.

-Bronze Sculpture-

I, What is Bronze Sculpture?

With the development of metallurgical technology, more and more kinds of metal, as material, have been used in sculpture fabrication. Bronze – is one of the oldest metal materials was found and used for statues, reliefs, sculptures, and artworks in ancient times.

The bronze’s strength and ductility are an advantage when figures in action are to be created, especially when compared to various ceramic or stone materials (such as marble sculpture). These qualities allow the creation of extended sculptures.

Figure 1, Dancing Girl from Mohenjodaro belonging to the Harappan civilization dates back to 2500 BCE and is the oldest bronze statue still in existence. 
Figure 2, Sculpture of a Roman Soldier
Figure 3, A Roman Bronze Figure
Figure 4, Donatello – David, 1428
Figure 5, Benvenuto Cellini – Perseus, 16th C,

II, What is the Material & Composition for Bronze Sculpture? 

Bronze is an alloy that is produced primarily from a mixture of copper and tin. There are 2 kinds of bronze material commonly used to cast sculptures, 
1. Silicon Bronze
(Cu-94.48%; Si-4.18%; Sn-0.04%; Pb-0.01%; Fe-0.15%; Sb-0.001%; Ni-0.01%; Al-Nil; Mn-1.12%)

Silicon bronze is a low-lead brass alloy that is generally composed of 96 percent copper. Silicon Bronze is known for its easy pouring ability, appealing surface finish, and superior corrosion-resistant properties, even when submerged in liquids and chemicals. Silicon Bronze was originally developed for the chemical industry but later expanded due to its good casting characteristics.

2. Tin Bronze
(Cu-87%; Sn-7.5%; Pb-0.3%; Zn-3%; Fe-0.2%; Ni-1%; Sb-0.2%; P-1.5%; S-0.05%; Al-0.005%; Mn-N/A; Si-0.005%)

Tin bronze is strong and hard and has very high ductility. This combination of properties gives them a high load-carrying capacity, good wear resistance, and the ability to withstand the pounding. The alloys are noted for their corrosion resistance in seawater and brines. 


Large Bronze Cast Genghis Khan Statue
Large Bronze Cast Genghis Khan Statue
Bronze Monumental Sculpture, The Door of the Etiquette
Bronze Monumental Sculpture, The Door of the Etiquette
Thai Bronze Buddha Statue for Bangkok Temple
Thai Bronze Buddha Statue for Bangkok Temple
Large Forging Bronze Falcon Sculpture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Large Forging Bronze Falcon Sculpture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Custom Gold Leaf Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sculpture
Custom Gold Leaf Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sculpture
Bronze Casting Army General statue,General Seare Mekonnen Ethiopia
Bronze Casting Army General statue,General Seare Mekonnen Ethiopia
Customized Bronze Cast Sculpture-Davonte.
Customized Bronze Cast Sculpture-Davonte.
Bronze cast figure sculpture
Bronze cast figure sculpture
Bronze Rugby Sculpture | Sandymount Hotel in Dublin Ireland
Bronze Rugby Sculpture | Sandymount Hotel in Dublin Ireland
Large hand shape bronze sculpture with patina
Large hand shape bronze sculpture with patina
Casting Bronze Figure Statue
Casting Bronze Figure Statue
Bronze Sculpture -WA Australia
Bronze Sculpture -WA Australia
Custom Bronze Figure Sculpture, Lake Claremont, Australia
Custom Bronze Figure Sculpture, Lake Claremont, Australia
Wax casted bronze sculpture with patina
Wax casted bronze sculpture with patina
Copper sculpture with patina surface treatment
Copper sculpture with patina surface treatment
Bronze sculpture Contemporary sculptor
Bronze sculpture Contemporary sculptor
Bronze Sculpture | cast bronze sculpture lost wax
Bronze Sculpture | cast bronze sculpture lost wax
Bronze Contemporary Art Sculpture, Large Morden Art Sculpture Fabrication
Bronze Contemporary Art Sculpture, Large Morden Art Sculpture Fabrication
Bronze statue sculpture with patina
Bronze statue sculpture with patina
Contemporary art sculpture- 2008 Olympic park Stadium
Contemporary art sculpture- 2008 Olympic park Stadium
Outdoor Large Bronze Buddha Statue Sculpture
Outdoor Large Bronze Buddha Statue Sculpture
Forging Bronze Buddha Statue Sculpture
Forging Bronze Buddha Statue Sculpture
Casting Bronze Sculpture
Casting Bronze Sculpture
Bronze President Sun Yat-Sen Sculpture
Bronze President Sun Yat-Sen Sculpture