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Gold leaf buddha sculpture

Gold leaf Buddha sculpture,

Foundry, Design, Fabrication, Installation 

We, Sino Sculpture Group is the leading bronze sculpture manufacturer specializing in the large Buddha, Bodhisattva (Pusa) Arahant Sculpture, and other Saint statue fabrication. We do the service from design, model sculpting and large statue enlarge, casting or forging bronze sculpture, Gold leaf application on the sculpture. The gold leaf sculpture is one of our specialists, we did some, Buddha, Bodhisattva sculpture cover with gold foil craftsmanship. 

Gold-Leaf-Bronze-Sitting-Ksitigarbha-Bodhisattva-Statue-kong meng san phor kark see monastery

Golden leaf of This Bronze Sitting Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Statue  at 2021  done for y Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery



The Overall View of This Site Installation of The Temple's Open praying area of Pu Tong Columbarium.


gold leaf Buddha sculpture

Gold  Leaf Zhunti Bodhisattva  準提菩薩  Height  / 22 m (72 ft) Sino Sculpture Group © 2011

Gold Leafing on Buddha statues is a very important traditional Buddhist event in Buddhism. Placing gold on Buddha sculpture represents our highest reverence.

As the head of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, the preciousness of gold reflects the rare treasure and respect for Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Dharma; the chemical properties of gold are relatively stable, which also makes the gold-plated Buddha statues last longer; the gold-plated Buddha statues are more sacred Solemnity makes the viewer feel pure, respectful, joyful, and want to get closer to the Dharma.

What is gold foil and how is it produced?

Gold leaf is a thin sheet of gold hammered.

The traditional process of making gold foil uses gold bars with a gold content of 99.99% as the main raw material. It is proportioned according to the special requirements of the gold foil, and a quantitative proportion of trace metal elements such as silver and copper are added to meet the required gold content. After processing, washing, and beating The special processing of more than ten procedures, such as foil cutting, makes it appear golden in color, bright and soft, as light as a feather, as thin as a cicada's wings, and a gold foil with a thickness of about 0.11 microns.

The standard specification of gold foil is 9.99*9.33cm, and other commonly used specifications are 10.9cm*10.9cm, 8.5*8.5cm, 8*8cm, 5.5*5.5cm, 4.3*4.3cm, 2.75*2.75cm (the general size of the book foil is 8.5 *8.5cm, 8*8cm).

Gold leaf foil sheet

Gold Leaf sheet of the gold hammered  we used for Golden the buddha statue 

 The craft of gold leaf on Buddha Statue

Photo: The craft of gold leaf on Buddha Statue

 What are the applications of the gold foil in reality?
Gold foil has a wide range of uses, involving various fields such as Buddhism, classical gardens, various types of architecture, medicine, and health care, and cultural undertakings. Among them, the gold foil is more commonly used for Buddha statues, carved beams and painted buildings, plaques and pillars, and decorative use. Nowadays, gold foil is also used in beauty and skincare, medicinal food decoration, and other aspects, such as gold foil dinner, gold foil wine, gold foil candy, gold mask, and so on are widely popular.
 What is the gold leaf process and how to do the gold leaf?
I. Clean up the work-piece
The surface of the work-piece must be smooth and flat before gold foil is applied, and kept dry, dust-free, and free of wax or grease.
II. Gluing
Before applying glue, we need to use the type of glue (oil-based glue available gasoline, water-based glue with pure water) for dilution, to reach the required glue concentration after the glue. The glue layer can be brushed or sprayed evenly so that the glue is smooth. After sitting for some time, the foil can be pasted only after the glue is dry (touching with fingers, feeling sticky, but no finger pollution).
III. Pasting the foil
Put the gold foil with paper lining on the base embryo which has been brushed with glue, and gently press and withdraw the paper with the help of a wool brush or cotton pad. After completing the foil sticking process, use a soft cloth or cotton ball to compact and flatten the gap on the foil surface, and make up the gold in time if there is any leakage.
IV. Gold sweeping
After the foil surface is compacted, start to sweep the foil. Use a soft brush to gently sweep away the overlapping part in the direction of foil sticking to keep the foil surface flat and bright.
V. Applying protective Varnish
 After 24 hours of gold foil application, spray a layer of protective varnish on the gold surface to make the gold foil less susceptible to scratches and wear. It is recommended to use foil protection oil, spray, or brush.
Gold Leaf on Buddha Statue
From the totems of primitive tribes to the gold leaf on temples, the link between gold leaf craft and religion has never broken. The gold leaf on the Buddha statue originates from ancient times. It has become a common practice to use gold leaf to decorate the Buddhist monasteries and temples in the past dynasties.
 Gold Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Statue in KMSPKS Singapore

 Gold Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Statue in KMSPKS Singapore

The statue is all made of gold foil leaf. Craftsmen made every angle of the Buddha shine with golden light, which is visual enjoyment, but also the piety to the Buddha. The Statue was cast in bronze, including the lotus pedestal and staff. Gold leaf is a kind of bronze statue finish, which makes the Statue look gold-made. Now the Statue has been already shipped to Singapore and installed in the Temple. With the sunlight, the gold leaf finish is reflecting and shining in golden color as Buddha’s Light.
Gold Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Statue

Photos: Golden leaf Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Statue

Gold leaf Ksitigarbha Buddha sculpture
Gold leaf Ksitigarbha Buddha sculpture
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Bronze Cast Gold Leaf Seated Buddha Statue
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Custom gold leaf buddha sculpture
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