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Bronze Sculpture Casting factory
Bronze sculpture casting factory

bronze sculpture casting foundry
Bronze sculpture, casting brass statue workshop No 2 ©  Sino Sculpture Group

lost wax casting bronze scultpure foundry
Lost wax casting workshop No 3, Wax model repair workshop,  © Sino  Sculpture Group

Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures. Bronze sculpture casting means bronze sculptures fabricated by casting craft. It can be used for statues, small statuettes, and figurines, as well as bronze elements to be fitted to other objects such as furniture.
Welding work of the bronze casting sculptures ©  Sino  Sculpture Group 
The most used for casting is tin bronze. Tin bronze refers to tin being mixed into copper to make copper-tin alloy—bronze. In addition to containing 3% to 14% tin, tin bronze is often added with elements such as phosphorus, zinc, and lead. It is the earliest alloy used by humans. It has been used for about 4000 years. Tin bronze is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, has good mechanical properties and process performance, and can be well welded and brazed without sparks during impact.

Literati Poet Sculpture , Tin bronze casting , � Sino Sculpture Group
Literati Poet Sculpture, Tin bronze casting,  ©  Sino Sculpture Group 
The tin content of cast tin bronze is usually 10% to 14%, which is the nonferrous metal alloy with the smallest casting shrinkage. It can be used to produce castings with complex shapes, clear contours, and low airtightness requirements. Therefore, it is also more widely used for casting bronze sculptures.

In addition to tin bronze, silicon bronze, nickel bronze, manganese bronze, chromium bronze, etc. are common. Tin bronze is a tin with a higher content than other elements except for copper. In the same way, nickel bronze has the highest nickel content except for copper, and the naming of other bronze types can be understood in this way as well. In the general casting sculpture process, most of us use tin bronze, and nickel bronze is next which corrosion and oxidation ability may be slightly better than tin bronze, but the influence of thermal expansion and contraction of tin bronze is always the smallest and the most suitable casting material for bronze sculpture.

Tin and Silicon bronze sculptures
Contemporary bronze casting sculpture, Material  Silicon bronze, Installation at  Australia 

With the rapid development of casting technology, our foundry-Sino Sculpture Group's casting materials are not limited to bronze anymore, it can be bronze sculpture casting by brass, sculpture casting by cor-ten, sculpture casting by steel, sculpture casting by aluminum, etc. Also with diverse surface treatment, bronze sculpture with patina, bronze sculpture with surface electroplating, bronze sculpture with surface polishing, spray paint, and so on.
Casting brass statue at  No. 2  workshop of the Sino Sculpture Group 

Large bronze sculpture casting service
Precision bronze sculpture casting foundry in Beijing China
China bronze sculpture casting foundry

Sino Sculpture Foundry is a precision bronze sculpture foundry in Beijing China. We cast the bronze art sculpture for artist and museum quality standards. We are nominated bronze casting sculpture manufacturer of two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. In the past 10 years, we have been fabricated more than 100 pieces of high quality casting bronze sculptures for fine art academies, our casting foundry has been with artists, sculptors, or enterprises from Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, American, Europe, UK, Norway, etc.
bronze sculpture casting foundry

Our foundry is focused on fine art bronze sculpture casting, contemporary bronze art sculpture casting. From small bronze statues to large bronze casting sculptures/bronze monuments, we have 20years of experience in bronze casting, patina, and engineering of installation.

  • No.1  full-service custom foundry, casting bronze, aluminum stainless steel, foundry   
  • Precision bronze foundry for artwork
  • High-quality bronze sculpture casting
  • Bronze art casting foundry
 bronze sculpture casting foundry

Material:   bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, rust steel
Finish /Craftsmanship:  Casting, welding, forged, polish, patination, special patina et,c.

brass casting sculpture

Sino Sculpture Group is a bronze sculpture casting manufacturer from China, we have our bronze sculpture casting factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.