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Stainless Steel Monument
Sino Sculpture Group is a leading stainless steel sculpture fabrication manufacturer in Beijing, China, We are experts at stainless steel sculpture forged craftsmanship, casting stainless steel sculpture craftsmanship.  Custom stainless steel monument is one of our products, we have been working with many well-known stainless steel monument sculptures in China and overseas.

stainless steel skull monument for park
Mammoth Skull monument sculpture Norway, Fabricated by Sino Sculpture Group 
mirror stainless steel monument sculptures
Stainless steel Mammoth Skull Monument for Park  Norway 
 Artwork No. 117
Dimension D37m (D121.39ft)*H18m(59.06ft)
Material Stainless steel 304
Surface treatment lacquer coated/ painted
Location Chongqing, China.
3D Rendering of the stianless steel monument
3D Rendering of the Stainless steel Monuments from WPB Studio 
fabrication of the stainless steel monument
On-site welding and fabrication of the stainless steel monument
installation of the stianless steel monument statue
After installation of the City monument statue at Chongqing, China 
3D technology on monument sculptures mold design.  
How do the 3D and CAD Support the large bronze sculpture fabrication?

The large sculpture needs to ensure Visualization, Precision, Artistic, and Safe calculation insurance, We, Sino Sculpture take the lead in applying 3 D Molding, optimization,Spatial positioning technology, and CAD design calculations in the sculpture industry.

Sculpture enlargement service of stainless steel monument
Large stainless steel monument sculptures fabrication.
Installation work for large stainless steel monument sculptures.

Stainless steel Grade:  Grade 316 L   Stainless steel, Grade 304 Stainless steel
Texture finish: Mirror polish, Matt, Brushed, color lacquered, varnished, shiny galvanized, gild, golden leaf coated.

Brief introduction of the stainless steel monument

Each stainless steel monument was built for different reasons. If you look closely, it is inevitable to investigate the motivation of the stainless steel monument, as well as the designer's ability to grasp the theme, understanding, and passion. Among them, "motivation" is the most important, and it reflects an ethnic group's attitude towards history. For example, the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre is motivated by remembering history and striving for strength based on keeping shame in mind, maintaining peace, and being qualified to pray for peace.
 stainless steel monument maquette stainless steel monument  bronze monument sculpture
1. Rendering of the Stainless steel Monument                               2. Mockup                                    3. After Site Installation

Therefore, in modern society, when an event or a person is particularly worthy of being remembered, and our generation believes that it should be passed on to future generations and engraved on the mind for generations, our government will choose to build a monument. There are many such incidents, such as flood control, earthquakes, wars, etc. Some things should always be remembered, so we build monuments. The monument is a brighter existence because of its unparalleled publicity. 
Philosopher monument sculpture stainless steel city monument sculpture 
Figure 1, Stainless Steel Monument of Laozi. 
Figure 2, City Stainless Steel monument. 

Using the high anti-corrosion material stainless steel to create the monument, can bring more advantages, such as the super long service, not easy damage, low post-maintain cost. Because of that, stainless steel is more and more popular in day’s monument fabrication.

city monument sculpture, stainless steel

stainless steel monument sculpture train station
3D Support on the monument sculpture design and Nanjing Train station sculptures

Fabrication of the large monument sculpture for train station artwork 

Beijing Sino Sculpture Co., Ltd is a stainless steel monument manufacturer from China, we have our stainless steel monument factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.

Large landmark mirror polished sculpture
Large landmark mirror polished sculpture
Monumental stainless steel sculpture with colour painted
Monumental stainless steel sculpture with colour painted
Tree Sculpture
Tree Sculpture
White Out-Door Stainless Steel Monument
White Out-Door Stainless Steel Monument
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Monument
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Monument
Huge Stainless Steel Monumental Sculpture
Huge Stainless Steel Monumental Sculpture
Stainless steel Monument
Stainless steel Monument