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Bronze Artwork Casting foundry
Bronze Artwork, Sculpture casting  foundry 

building of the sino sculpture group
The office building of the Sino Sculpture Group,Beijing, China 
Sino Sculpture Group, as a comprehensive metal sculpture production manufactuer, we also provide artists with the customization of high-end bronze art works. Our services include pre-production optimization, model duplicated, bronze artwork production, surface treatment, transportation, and overseas installation for large sculptures, maintenance and so on...

Casting contemporary artwork foundry 
Bronze Artwork,sculpture, usually designed by domestic and foreign artists first and provide 3D digital or rigid model, then let us print the 1: 1 resin model or remake the model to enter the casting process.

Following is a simple indicate of making clay sculpture models provided by artists.

  1. Clay model duplicate. Based on the artist’s model, we re-make a rigid model for casting purpose.
  2. Use lost-wax casting method enter into the casting craft process. During we need make wax model, do further modification on the wax model if necessary.
  3. Rough casting model is released. And continue to complete the welding and welding process.
  4. Surface treatment. For bronze art casting sculpture the most popular surface treatment is patina, it also can be polishing especially for smooth surface, painting, brushed, electroplating.
clay model sculptor work enlargment  FRP model  done for casting artwork  wax repairing
Clay model                                                    Model duplicate                                                              Wax-model modification
welding artwork statue  black color patina on artwork
Casting and inner structure                                                           Surface treatment and patina


So far, we also have cooperated with lots of artists, sculptors, art studios and so on. The region spans the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and is dedicated to creating high-end bronze artworks that meet European standards and artistic requirements.

Bronze artwork fabrication for the sculptor Ayad Alqaragholli installated at West Australia  © Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 
Bronze art casting foundry in Beijing, China . casting bronze artwork for known sculptor artist .
Custom bronze artwork, large bronze art sculpture casting foundry .

brass arwork casted in sino sculpture foundry
Some bronze/brass contemporary artwork in sanded and patina color ©  Sino sculpture No. 2  workshop 

Sino Sculpture Group  is precision bronze sculpture foundry in Beijing China. We cast the bronze art sculpture for artist and museum quality standard.

We are nominated bronze casting sculpture manufacturer of   two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

In the past 10 years, we have been fabricated more than 100 pieces of high quality casting bronze sculptures  for fine art academy, our casting foundry   has been with the  with artist, sculptor or enterprise from Australia, Middle East, Asian, Canada, American, European, UK, Norway  etc.

sanded welding artwork at foundry
Welding and sand blasting on the bronze / brass statue artwork at No. 2 workshop ©  Sino Sculpture  Group 
Our foundry is focus on the fine art bronze sculpture casting, contemporary bronze art sculpture casting. From small bronze statue to large bronze casting sculpture /bronze monument, we have 20years experience at bronze casting, patina, and engineering of installation.

Welding the artwork in bronze /brass  at Sino Sculpture fineart Foundry 
  • No.1  full service custom foundry , casting bronze , aluminum stainless steel , foundry   
  • Precision bronze foundry for artwork
  • High quality bronze sculpture casting
  • Bronze art casting foundry
Material:   bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, rust steel
Finish /Craftsmanship:  Casting, welding, forged, polish, patination, special patina etc.

casting artwork foundry photoSino Sculpture Group Beijing is a bronze art casting manufacturer from China, we have our own bronze art casting factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.