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Custom bronze statue foundry
Bronze statue foundry, Located in Beijing  China. 

bronze statue foundry artwork fabrication
Bronze art statue fabrication foundry in Yard of the Sino sculpture Group  Beijing 
For the bronze sculpture foundry, bronze Statue is one of the main production directions, mainly referring to the bronze statue sculpture design, optimization, casting, installation, and later maintenance. A bronze statue can also be divided into bronze hero character sculpture, bronze monument sculpture, bronze character sculpture, bronze figure sculpture, bronze Buddha statue sculpture, etc. It is as small as a few centimeters and can be as large as tens or even hundreds of meters.

bronze statue brass statue foundry photo
Brass contemporary art statue in fabrication at No. 2 Workshop of SIno 
We also have finished lots of bronze statue sculptures so far. Most of the small-scale portraits are done by casting, to better preserve the texture and details of the surface, and the surface is usually more like patina, and sometimes also could be titanium plating, spray paint, gold leaf. Pls, check the below photos.
Fiberglass model of buddha statue  fabrication of the large buddha statue  welding of bronze statue  color painting bronze buddha statue
The progress of fabricating the big bronze buddha statue in Sino Beijing foundry 

Besides, we also do large-scale bronze statue sculptures, such as bronze statue sculptures and bronze Buddha statues, here we want to focus on introducing you to our bronze Buddha sculpture-making process.
For large-scale Buddha statue production, we have accumulated a lot of experience, summing up the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional Buddha casting process, and at the same time, we combined the hand-forging process to make the bronze Buddha statue even more wonderful. The bronze Buddha statue's hand-forging art makes up for the phenomenon of the uneven surface and sand holes caused by the special process in the casting process. At the same time, the forging makes up for the thick feeling caused by the casting process based on the uniform thickness of the material and the uniform surface, which essentially reduces the weight of the large statue, which is more conducive to infrastructure construction and force calculation and strengthens the stability and safety of the statue itself.
How to make the large bronze statue?  

We are a high-end standard Bronze statue foundry especially for large bronze Buddha statue/sculpture fabrication, following is a 69 meters high Buddha statue sculpture which is undertaken now for your further reference.

clay model of bronze statue  1:20 scale buddha statue  clay model of the buddha face
1:50 clay mold                                                     1:20 clay mold
1:1 plaster model of bronze statue  bronze statue fabrication stage  installation of large buddha statue 
1:1 clay mold                            Head fabrication                                               site installation

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 large bronze statue in factory
Bronze statue workshop 
Sino Sculpture Group is a precision bronze sculpture foundry in Beijing China. We cast the bronze art sculpture for artist and museum quality standards.

We are nominated bronze casting sculpture manufacturer of two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

In the past 10 years, we have been fabricated more than 100 pieces of high quality casting bronze sculptures for fine art academies, our casting foundry has been with artists, sculptors, or enterprises from Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, American, Europe, UK, Norway, etc.
Our foundry is focused on fine art bronze sculpture casting, contemporary bronze art sculpture casting. From small bronze statues to large bronze casting sculptures/bronze monuments, we have 20years of experience in bronze casting, patina, and engineering of installation.
  • No.1  full-service custom foundry, casting bronze, aluminum stainless steel, foundry   
  • Precision bronze foundry for artwork
  • High-quality bronze sculpture casting
  • Bronze art casting foundry
Material:   bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, rust steel
Finish /Craftsmanship:  Casting, welding, forged, polish, patination, special patina, etc.

Sino Sculpture Group is a professional bronze statue foundry manufacturer from China, we have our bronze statue fabrication foundry, Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, taking part in more than 100 projects all over the world.