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Curved Stainless Steel Statue
Customized curved shape statue

Mirror polished stainless steel 

Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd is a professional stainless steel statue manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. Owned advanced techniques in the stainless steel sculpture industry, such as 3D modeling combined with 3D printing and scanning technology; 1:1 CNC milling combined with computer accurate blanking analysis, laser cutting, and Electronic total station to make our sculptures or artworks more precise and in line with the original design.  

Curved stainless steel statue manufacturer,foundry
Sino Sculpture Head Office in Beijing China.
curved stainless steel statue sculpture factory
Sino Sculpture-Tianjin Factory for Stainless steel Statue Sculptures

curved stainless steel statue sculpture 3D print
Curved stainless steel statue 3D printed model 
total station tenology for stainless steel statue sculpture
Total station technology for stainless steel statue 

In the field of stainless steel sculpture, we mainly have curved stainless steel statues, mirror stainless steel statues, stainless steel monumental statues, hyperboloidal stainless steel sculptures/artworks, facades, etc.
stainless steel love statue in Dubai
Curved stainless steel mirror Statue sculpture Love me in Dubai
As a special kind of stainless steel statue sculpture, curved stainless steel statue has very high requirements for the production of surface panels, otherwise, it will not be able to reflect the smoothness and curvature of its curved surface. This is just like the well-known Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago. It is a huge bean shape, with no edges or corners visible on the surface, the surface panel arc is smooth and beautiful, the reflection effect is clear, and no deformation. This also reminds us of an art Jeff Koons whose works were sold at an astronomical price like his mirror-polished stainless steel rabbits sculpture, also popular Balloon Dog sculpture.

Curved stainless steel sculptures factory
Curved stainless steel sculptures we have done
So far, we also have developed a lot of curved stainless steel statues by cooperating with worldwide artists such as the mirror curved stainless steel statue “Love me” which is by Famous UK sculptor Mr. Richard Hudson, who aimed to  'reflect' with the polished mirrored steel surface on the wonderment of this world and nature's beauty all around. This is what he said.

Superb Mirroring Stainless Steel Sculptures made by Sino Sculpture for Outstanding UK Sculptor Mr. Richard Hudson.
Mirror stainless steel Sculptures LOVE ME  Monumental at The Donum Estate Sonoma California U.S.A @ 2016 Sino Foundry work
richard hudson sculptor artist

stainless steel tear sculpture by Richard Hudson
Mirror Polishing Stainless Steel Sculptures TEAR   London  UK   @ 2019  Sino Foundry fabrication work 

Other Curved Stainless Steel Statue Sculpture Cases

Curved stainless steel statue girl sculpture In Sculpture By the Sea, Cottesloe
Stainless Steel Reflecting Statue sculpture In Sculpture By the Sea, Cottesloe 2021

The pakcage for interiontal transportation

stainless steel sculpture package

The USA installation of Sino team 
usa installation of the stainless steel sculpture

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Mirror Curved Stainless Steel Statue
Mirror Curved Stainless Steel Statue
Titanium Curved Stainless Steel Statue
Titanium Curved Stainless Steel Statue
Curved Stainless Steel Abstract Statue
Curved Stainless Steel Abstract Statue
Custom Curved Stainless Steel Statue
Custom Curved Stainless Steel Statue