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Bronze art statue foundry
Bronze art statue foundry

office of sino sculpture group beijing
Office and yard of Sino Sculpture Group 

We,Sino Sculpture Group continue the traditional bronze casting process and are committed to making various bronze artworks, including bronze statuette art sculpture, bronze figure art sculpture, bronze animal art sculpture, bronze decoration art sculpture, bronze art souvenir sculpture, bronze art outdoor decoration and etc.

brass art statue at foundry
Bronze art statue in the workshop No.2  ©  Sino Sculpture Group 
Bronze art is a classic of Chinese bronze art. Bronze art, including red copper, bronze, brass, gilt copper, etc. From ancient times to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it was mainly bronze, and after the Sui and Tang Dynasties, brass and gilt art.

Confucius Saint Sculpture bronze dragon statue  bronze foo dog statue ,Chinese guardian lions
Confucius Saint Sculpture                                 Dragon statue                                                Bronze Foo Dog Chinese guardian lions

As we know,lost casting is a traditional cast craft, and now we also developed bronze hand forging craft, but do you know their main advantages and disadvantages? Let me do a simple clarification for you,
① Sand hole
Casting craft is easy to appear sand hole while hand forging can avoid sand hole produce during fabrication.
② Thickness
Thickness of casting is between 5-8mm, its thickness is uneven while hand forging which plate can choose from 3-6mm, the thickness is uniform.
③ Surface smoothness
The cast surface is rough and requires further polishing, while the forged surface is relatively smooth
④ Detailed performance
Casting can express the texture of the surface in detail, but forging cannot depict very fine details
⑤ Small artwork
Casting is easier to create small works of art, while forging is suitable for relatively large pieces
⑥ Of course, lastly, the casting process is easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction, while forging does not.
As a bronze art casting statue foundry, not only are we responsible for realizing the designs and works of our clients in the best form, but we are also responsible for guiding our clients to implement their works in the most appropriate way, Pls feel free to consult....

Following bronze cast art sculpture for further reference

bronze horse head statue  bronze abstract statue at foundry  bronze contemporary art statue bronze moden statue  bronze general statue

China bronze art foundry, bronze art sculpture casting foundry.
Large bronze sculpture cast foundry china.
Large art sculpture / monument sculptures foundry in Beijing China.

bronze chairman satue and jack chan statue
Custom Chairman statue and Film star statue 
Sino Sculpture  is precision bronze sculpture foundry in Beijing China. We cast the bronze art sculpture for artist and museum quality standard.

We are nominated bronze casting sculpture manufacturer of   two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

bronze art statue foundry,beijing china

In the past 10 years, we have been fabricated more than 100 pieces of high quality casting bronze sculptures  for fine art academy, our casting foundry   has been with the  with artist, sculptor or enterprise from Australia, Middle East, Asian, Canada, American, European, UK, Norway  etc.
Our foundry is focus on the fine art bronze sculpture casting, contemporary bronze art sculpture casting. From small bronze statue to large bronze casting sculpture /bronze monument, we have 20years experience at bronze casting, patina, and engineering of installation.
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  • Precision bronze foundry for artwork
  • High quality bronze sculpture casting
  • Bronze art casting foundry
 bronze casting statue foundry
Material:   bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, rust steel
Finish /Craftsmanship:  Casting, welding, forged, polish, patination, special patina etc.

bronze president statue sun yat sen

Sino Sculpture Group is a bronze art statue manufacturer in Beijing China, We have our own bronze art foundry. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.