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Casting bronze sculpture foundry
Casting bronze sculpture Foundry.

Bronze sculpture foundry of the sino sculpture group office
Sino Sculpture Group Beijing Headquarters

Sino Sculpture Group is a professional casting bronze sculpture Foundry with more than 20 years of experience, providing one-stop service from design, 3D modeling, digital model zoom, modification, clay model design, and sculpting and duplicate, casting, welding, surface with polished sanded and patina with different color and international installation.

custom bronze foundry for Contemporary sculpture
Casting bronze art sculpture for Perth  Australia.

lose wax casting sculpture foundry workshop
Lose wax casting workshop, pieces of the bronze sculpture parts in wax model © Sino sculpture Group 

As a main bronze art sculpture casting foundry in China, our bronze art casting scope cover casting bronze artworks, casting bronze souvenirs monument, bronze sculptures, large bronze outdoor sculpture, bronze statues, brass art sculpture, custom historical figures (Poets, philosophers Politicians Religious leader, etc). So far, we also have finished hundred of bronze sculpture works and all have been highly praised by collaborators.  

Custom bronze sculpture Dublin Ireland, Sandy Mount Hotel, Fabricaiton by Sino sculpture Group
Custom bronze sculpture Dublin Ireland,  Sandy Mount Hotel, Fabrication by Sino sculpture Group

As of today, we have two major foundries, the Beijing Foundry and the Tianjin Foundry Base. Beijing is mainly responsible for basic pre-mold molding and processing of small products, with the main foundry in Tianjin.

casting brass statue foundry Contemporary sculptures
Casting brass statue foundry in Beijing,the craftsmanship quality director  
As a foundry with rich experience, Sino Sculpture continues the traditional lost wax casting method, which is more conducive to the image and restores the surface texture. You can also understand that the surface texture is complex and rich, and it is a good method to achieve it by the traditional lost wax method. Of course, its material thickness is usually between 5-8mm, which is not ideal for some specific works that want to control the thickness to achieve weight control. How to deal with this, then we can come to the sand casting method. In the sand casting process, there is usually a female mold and a male mold. Use the size of the intermediate gap between them to control the thickness of the casting. Generally, the minimum can be controlled at about 3-4mm to achieve the purpose of controlling the overall weight.

 Gold leaf Buddha statue Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Singapore
Casting bronze  Ksitigarbha buddha  sculpture,  Gold leaf  coved,  Singapore 
After years of continuous expansion and development, as a bronze foundry, our casting is not limited to bronze. At the same time, we also involve cast aluminum sculptures, cast iron artworks, cast cor-ten steel sculpture, and cast stainless steel sculptures Large casting bronze sculpture foundry in Beijing, China,