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Grand bronze Buddha sculpture,large Bodhisattva statue
Grand bronze Buddha sculpture,

Custom golden Bodhisattva statue ,

grand bronze Buddha sculptures gold leaf
Grand Buddha Sculpture, Forged bronze with Gold leaves foil coated,  H / 18  m (59 ft),   done in 2011.
giant bronze Buddha sculpture foundry
Fabrication stage of the Giant Buddha statue,  Copper real color, Sino Sculpture Beijing Foundry 2010
Grand Bodhisattva 準提菩薩雕塑
The Grand  Bodhisattva sculpture (Pusa)  CLAY MODEL Stage, Sculpting model 
Grand bronze buddha, Wat Paknam bangkok Thailand
Grand bronze buddha Sculpture/ 64 meters height / Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen/ Bangkok Thailand
3D technology helps create the world's highest quality Buddha statue
Throughout the ages, as a carrier of Buddhist culture and art, bronze Buddha sculpture grand statues have been endowed with unique cultural and artistic connotations by a large number of Asian countries and many ethnic groups. It is the physical expression of the essence of national culture and studies the development of ancient civilization for Buddhist art lovers and historians, and the manufacturing level of the copper bronze casting process provides a reliable physical basis.

The Servent of The Bodhisattva  Gold foil Coated, Height 1.5 meters  2011 Sino Sculpture finished 
grand golden Buddha sculptures 普賢菩薩雕像
Installation stage of the grand bronze buddha Sculptures 普賢菩薩雕像
As a category of three-dimensional carving art, Buddha sculpture grand statues have been circulating for a long time. From the original stone-carved Buddha to clay Buddha sculptures, wooden Buddha sculptures, bronze gilt Buddha statues, etc., there are many types. As a special collection, Buddha statues are widely favored by Buddhist believers and people from all walks of life because of their rich religious color and profound cultural connotation.

 Grand bronze Buddha sculpture foundry
Welding of the Copper pieces into  shape,  Large bronze buddha sculpture fabrication Sino Foundry 
Bronze - is an alloy smelted from pure copper by adding tin or lead, and is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting and casting. The bronze surface that has not been oxidized exhibits a yellow metallic luster, which becomes dark green after oxidation. So it is called bronze. Compared with pure copper, bronze has high strength and a low melting point. The melting point of bronze containing 25% tin will be reduced to about 800 ℃, which increases the cast-ability of bronze. At the same time, the addition of lead can improve the alloy copper melt. Fluidity and makes bronze have strong wear resistance.
Since the natural copper mine will be accompanied by other metal deposits, it can be speculated that the earliest bronze was an alloy that was accidentally obtained by humans from the smelting and extraction of the natural copper-associated tin ore. method.
plaster model of the grand bronze buddha  plaster mode of pusa sculptures

Sino Sculpture Group is a professional bronze Buddha sculpture grand statue manufacturer, bronze statue design, sculpturing, and production for Buddhist temples. We are good at bronze statue casting. We have a unique precision casting process and a complete set of bronze gilt statues. Gold-leaf Buddha sculpture, brass Buddha statue, bronze Buddha statue, Tibetan cast bronze Buddha statue and Nepal Buddha statue, Buddha statue sculpture in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We have made many bronze Buddha statues for temples around the world.

bronze buddha sculptures welding fabrication brass buddha sculpture lotus seat

BEIJING SINO SCULPTURE GROUP is a professional Buddha figure statue fabrication. It’s established in the year 20000 and focuses on large Buddhist statues and art sculptures fabrication. The factory is located in Beijing, a 20-minute drive from Capital Airport.
Beijing Sino sculpture factory covers an area of 30000㎡, equipped with 2 large-scale studios of big sculpture and Buddha statue fabrication; a mold enlargement studio; a sculpture artist design room, a meeting room, sales office, engineer office, and staff dormitory.

bronze mythological animal, Beast sculptures bronze mythological lions sculptures
The company has a professional Buddha team in statue design, enlargement, fabrication, and overseas installation.
Design team: The team has rich experience in Buddhist statue design. The traditional sculptor is broad in experience by engaging in designing many famous large-scale Buddha statues and other saint statue projects. The designers in art major use the latest 3D technology to assist design and fabrication. Combining traditional handcraft with advanced technology, we try to finish every statue in the very perfect detail.
Guanyin Bodhisattva sculpture,觀世音菩薩雕塑 觀世音菩薩雕塑
Fabrication team: The qualified team who has rich experience and strict working style ensures each statue has the best quality. More than 30 people in the team are holding a senior certificate in forging, welding, mechanic and art, etc.
Consultant and sales team: Effective communication is the key in processing a project. Our consultants and sales possess a minimum of 3 years of working experience in this industry, who can do reliable and deep communication about technical, fabrication, and project processes in English.

Installation and maintenance team: The team has rich experience and already installed many projects smoothly in Thailand, Singapore, the US, Italy, the UK, etc.

Few recent performances   

65 meters High Bronze Buddha Statue In Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen Bangkok   completed at 2021 

4.5   meters high Gold leaf Ksitigarbha Buddha sculpture  at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Singapore

3.1    meters  high gold leaf seated dizang buddha statue  at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Singapore


 bronze Gold Guardian Vedic Bodhisattva, 韦陀菩萨雕塑金色

Guanyin Bronze Cast Buddha Sculpture Made for Thailand
Guanyin Bronze Cast Buddha Sculpture Made for Thailand
Large Bronze Guanyin  Buddha Sculptures
Large Bronze Guanyin Buddha Sculptures
Grand Bronze Seated Buddha Ksitigarbha sculpture
Grand Bronze Seated Buddha Ksitigarbha sculpture
Bronze Dizang Buddha Sculpture,109m Height Bronze Buddha Sculpture Grand
Bronze Dizang Buddha Sculpture,109m Height Bronze Buddha Sculpture Grand
Large Buddha sculpture  Bronze sculpture
Large Buddha sculpture Bronze sculpture