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Mirror stainless steel sculptures
Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd is a mirror stainless steel sculptures manufacturer from China, we have our own stainless steel sculpture, mirror stainless steel bean, mirror stainless steel artwork, stainless steel sculpture foundry, mirror stainless steel sculpture, polish stainless steel sculpture, polishing stainless steel sculpture, mirror stainless steel urban sculpture factory. Welcome to contact us.

Cloud Gate ( the bean) in Chicago Anish kapoor represented by stainless steel contemporary public sculptures, the good use of mirror-polished to achieve the effect of mirror reflection of its manufacturing difficulty is very high. Bean sculpture was made by advanced machines in shaping and polishing. 


Notice : This is for reference of mirror polish stainless steel sculpture in classical, not made from us. 

Sino Sculpture Group , after years of technical studies, sculpture product application, the process of feedback, explore a set of an excellent hand-forged mirror-polishing process. This technique is applied to mirror polished stainless steel sculpture on those requirements. Obtain high degree of customer trust, especially three-dimensional shape of the sculpture, modeling fluid sculpture, S Curved , C Curved abstract sculpture, contemporary sculpture or building facades for architect (eg ZAHA HADID design) stainless steel art furniture (chairs, sofas, etc.)

Photo,Mirror polish stainless steel sculpture done done for aritst sculptor 2015,  fabricated by sino sculpture group Beijing .
How to Mirror stainless steel sculpture?  Realize mirror polishing on stainless steel sculpture?
The first step is to have accurate modeling capabilities, Sino Sculpture Group which pioneered the use of 3 D modeling in sculpture industry, 3D printing technology to ensure accurate modeling. Also we has over 15 years experience in forging sculpture industry, has a group of skillful forging / Sheet Metal team and master (especially three-dimensional shaped). This is our important guarantee accurate sculpture.

Vedio : 3 D Molding we created  for precision fabricaiton and presentation.Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing

Photo :Our master in forging stainless molding in shape    Photo:  mirror polished sculpture with fluid texture  2008
Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing .        

Second step,  sculpture welding process, our sculptures are welding together different shaped plates, so the weld process is critical in the previous step, based on precise weld process, we must ensure weld After no traces do not change color after polishing for long life.

Photo : Welded and polished stainless steel sculpture ( partly ),  Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing
The third step, we developed a set of more advanced polishing technology, through multi-channel program of polishing (special polishing process, temporary secrecy), we will achieve the ultimate quality mirror polished sculpture.

Vedio : Large stainless steel sculpture in mirror  polshing now.Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing

Mirror degree polsihing  stainless steel sculpture section - quality checking at sino sculpture beijing factory 
Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing

Mirror polished stainless sculptures ,Large stainless steel sculpture for contemporary made for known artist 
Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing. 

Last  step  about Routine maintenance:

Sculptures in public places: mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture in public places if, should carry out the necessary maintenance to clean up after the rain and snow, dust cleaning . Notice card is placed in the flow of people and more places, try to avoid contact with sharp objects vandalism will lead to scratch the surface of sculpture ... marks, need to re-polished.

If you are indoors, galleries and other places interior, the basic need to maintain, as much as possible to avoid damage and during transport, moving ,
Common sense explanation:

Not all polished sculpture called mirror-polished.
How to identify the real mirror polished sculpture? Not all can be called polished mirror finish.

High quality mirror stainless steel sculpture standard 

Cloud gate World top quality mirror stainless steel sculpture

High quality  The mirror stainless steel sculpture done by sino sculpure Beijing. Fabricated by sino sculpture Beijing

  • NORMAL / BAD QUALITY FAKE mirror stainless steel scultpure example  

Comment : very low quality , can not say polish anymore 

Comment  :  Bad polish stainless steel scultpure  /  reflection is quite rough  /Infringing to Anish kapoor copyright 

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