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Metal Sculpture

Metal Calligraphy Sculpture

Calligraphy is a kind of Art for Writing, full of wisdom and beauty. Many artist created lots of fabulous Calligraphy artwork for the world. The material of these Calligraphy Sculpture are metal - stainless steel, Corten steel, bronze, stone, wood etc. With the development of the technology, Metal is considered as a best material choice for Calligraphy sculpture fabrication.

Sino Sculpture Group company has rich experiences in the area of metal calligraphy sculpture manufacture. And we cooperated with artists aboards and domestic, and build lots of landmark metal calligraphy sculptures around the world.

Calligraphy Sculpture Case 1, 

This above stainless steel Chinese Character equals to LOVE in English, which was created by Hongkong artist Mr. Xie Ke. You will find there is an English letter LOVE hided in the Chinese Charater to replace some strokes. The Calligraphy sculpture was made by stainless steel and bronze, indicated that the meaning of the LOVE, can last as long as it can be.

Calligraphy Sculpture Case 2,

This sculpture designed by a young Mongolian Artist. It is a landmark which direct to famous location's distance from the point of the stainless steel Calligraphy sculpture. The sculpture is 486cm high, made be stainless steel with mirror polished finish. The location of the installation is in Capital of Mongolia -  Ulan Bator. The completion year is 2016. It is the first 1 mirror polished stainless steel calligraphy sculpture in Mongolia.  

Calligraphy Sculpture Case 3,

Manlan Flower, grew in west of China - Xinjiang Provience. This flower's surroudning is harsh - desert. The artist use rusted corten steel to create the flower, to show the vistors of the life of it and the strong ability of the live. It reflects the indomitable fighting spirit of the local people. 

The corten steel calligraphy sculpture

Calligraphy Sculpture Case 4,

Calligraphy Sculpture Case 5, 

Video for more artwork showcase from Sino Sculpture group.

Metal Calligraphy Sculpture
Stainless steel Calligraphy Sculpture
Corten Steel Calligraphy Sculpture
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