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Steel Sculpture

We Sino Sculpture Group Limited is a comprehensive enterprise mainly producing high-end metal sculptures including steel sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, Lost wax cast bronze sculpture, Bronze hand forging sculpture, Cor-ten steel sculpture and so on.....Our high-end processing technology is especially reflected in stainless steel sculptures. Anyone who knows stainless steel sculptures should know the famous artists Anish Kapoor and Jeffkoons. Their sculptures are famous for their super high mirror effect and spray paint effect. For example the most famous “Cloud Gate” stainless steel sculpture by Kapoor, and Balloon Dog by Jeffkoons. We SINO have more than 20 years experiences, by continuous research and learning, we own a high ability of superb craftsmanship to achieve a variety of sculpture effects, including highly polished sculptures, and reach the standard of Europe artists level. Our scope of artworks cover from steel sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, bronze sculpture, Cor-ten steel sculpture and ect.

Following we would like to share with you some of our completed steel sculptures.

Steel Architectural sculpture with rust surface treatment

Steel sculpture as its name implies that sculptures made by steel. Steel is an alloy or iron and carbon, and sometimes other elements like chromium. Because of its high tensile strength and low cost, it is a major component used in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, trains, machines, etc.

But when did we apply steel to sculpture? It should go back to the twentieth century.With the industrial revolution and urbanization led to a wider and more commonplace metals, including steel. However, before that, Bronze is a very resistance material, had been the medium of choice for sculptors creating outdoors artworks.

After more than 50 years of turnover, sculptures made of steel have become more common. But with the progress of mankind, the pursuit of things is always endless. Artists are no longer satisfied with the earliest bronze sculpture as well as the developed steel sculptures. Although steel has its own advantages, durability, malleability, and relative cheapness, its lifetime, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are far from enough.Therefore, we have basically discovered other related materials in the steel sculpture and have been widely used in sculpture production.For example,

Stainless steel sculpture which is made by 316L/316/304 stainless steel material has the advantage of being very resistant to rust and harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor sculptures.

The following are our high mirror stainless steel sculptures

Love me Sculpture by Richard Hudson                                                   Discovery Slide for Jewel project
Located in California, USA, 2016                                                            Changi Airport, Singapore, 2019                         

Tear Sculpture by Richard Hudson                                                      Bar counter
Copyright: Sothebys international                                                       Located in National Gallary, Singapore
Beyond limits Exhibition at Chatsworth House,UK,2016

Stainless steel sculpture also have diverse surface treatment, such as hairline stainless steel sculpture, brushed/matte stainless steel sculpture, painted stainless steel sculpture, electroplating stainless steel sculpture and so on....

Needless to say bronze sculpture which is from ancient times to the present is well known by the world. However, do you know hand forging bronze sculpture? It is different from traditional lost wax cast bronze sculpture, but made of copper plate by pure hand making. It is now more and more used for large figure statue sculptures such as Buddha......

Following we would like to show you an on-going large Bronze Buddha Statue sculpture which is 69 meters high will be completed installation in the year of 2020 in Bangkok.

While, Cor-ten steel sculpture is not so well known at present but it will become more and more known. Cor-ten steel sometimes called weathering steel or corrosion resistance steel is a low carbon steel which has a small amount of copper and other elements such as Chromium, Nickel and Silicon. And all these alloying elements provides its unique characteristics. So compared to pure steel material, Cor-ten steel with stronger corrosion resistance, it is also favored by more and more artists. There is another important is Cor-ten steel sculpture has its unique natural look which is characterized by its rust layer.
It is a protective oxide layer called patina need about 8-10 years to form a protective”rust” layer over the base metal, to stop further rust.

Look at the following Cor-ten steel sculpture, mainly due to the unique rust color of the surface

Cor-ten steel sculpture with natural rust

We can say that the materials of steel sculptures are becoming more diverse, but without a good craft, even the best materials are useless. That's also why we have been highly recognized by our customers.

However, except for exquisite craftsmanship, have a complete and powerful team is also very important.

We are now have Design& Engineer teams, providing preliminary design and optimization work including 3D modelling, optimization, 3D model print, and combined with the three-dimensional spatial positioning technology, improve the accurate positioning of space and displacement.

3D modelling and optimization

Station Instrument

3D print

Other than that, another indispensable factor is SINO Sculpture own a professional sales team. We can professionally answer your enquire about the early stage before production and give out the best suggestion. Familiarity and understanding of professional knowledge, as well as good foreign language communication skills, can make you comfortable knowing how to achieve your work perfectly.

Early communication on the project                                                         Intermediate acceptance work

Then with one-stop best service.

The first is packing, specialized export packaging for sculpture. For different sculptures, I also adopt different packaging methods to ensure that they are suitable and safe, and provide customers with the greatest convenience of unloading.

Crate packing for sculptures which are not so large

Steel frame packing for large and shaped sculptures

Second is providing transportation services. We have cooperated professional forwarder providing ocean and air transportation. If necessary, in addition to the general FOB, CFR and CIF services, we can also provide DDP and DDU services on request.

The third one is have a professional overseas installation teams. So far, we have completed overseas installation work in most countries around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places.

Installation work in USA.                                                                                 Installation work in Philippines.

Installation work in Italy.

Sure, the most important is after-service, as a high-end metal production company, in addition to providing high-quality production technology, we usually recommend that customers choose the most suitable and durable materials to ensure a certain life. Especially for outdoor works, stainless steel is the ideal choice,it can ensure that the sculpture is more than 50 years or even hundreds of years old. Normally we provide 1 year warranty. If the appearance of the sculpture is damaged to some extent due to some human factors, our overseas installation team will be happy to go to service if necessary. In addition, we will provide customers with regular maintenance methods.

This is Sino Sculpture Group, a professional steel sculpture fabrication company combined with design, production, transportation, installation and maintenance. We are now have a main headquarter office located in Beijing which is only 30 minutes far from Beijing Capital International Airport, two factories and separately located in Xiamen and Tianjin.

We are looking forward to your sincere cooperation.

Headquarter office in Beijing

The large hall

Xiamen factory

Workers are working in full swing

Sino Sculpture Co is leading steel sculpture fabrication manufacturer in Beijing China, Since established 2002 , our company has been design and fabricate more than 100 pieces of  steel art sculptures so far .

We worked with well known artist/sculptor /architect /enterprise all over the world ,mainly work on large steel public art sculptures, exquisite fine art sculpture for gallery or museum .
 2008    Famous artist  Olivier Strebelle  visit our fabricaiton workshop 


SINO SCULPTURE CO is nominated sculpture manufacturer of   two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

In the past 10 years, our factory has been work with the artist, sculptor or enterprise from Australia, Middle East, Asian, Canada, American, European, UK, Norway etc.

  • We custom steel urban sculpture for any city administration, enterprise, organization. , urban sculpture design, stainless steel urban sculpture fabrication, installation.
  • Service to Artist /Designer/sculptor/architect, offer the engineering support consultation, fabricate the stainless steel urban sculpture base on their detail design
  • Quality stainless steel urban sculpture fabrication is our main task; we also fabricate the steel sculpture in lacquered color. Color painted steel sculptures, rust steel sculptures. Stainless steel structure sculptures etc.
  • Main product : steel sculpture, steel structure sculpture, large steel sculpture, steel urban sculptures, welded steel sculpture, mild steel sculptures, rust steel sculptures, corten steel sculptures , steel monument.

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd is a steel sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own steel sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.