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lLarge bronze buddha statue, wat paknam
Large bronze buddha sculpture was done for Bangkok  Thailand © Sino Sculpture Foundry
The large bronze buddha sculpture needs to ensure Visualization, Precision, Artistic, and Safe calculation insurance, We, Sino Sculpture take the lead in applying 3 D Molding, optimization,Spatial positioning technology, and CAD design calculations in the sculpture industry.
large bronze buddha sculpture for bangkok thailand
Large bronze buddha statue  / Golden spray painting / Wat Paknam   Bangkok Thailand 

Big copper buddha sculpture installation at Bangkok Thailand 
With the rapid development of science and technology, in the field of large bronze Buddha production, Sino Sculpture Group always adheres to the use of the most advanced production technology and equipment to continuously promote the development of bronze Buddha production. The birth of the three-dimensional electronic model technology was quickly applied to the production of large bronze Buddha statues by the Sino Sculpture Group, thereby promoting the development of large bronze Buddha statues.

 clay mold of Ksitigarbha sculpture bronze jianhua shan bronze Ksitigarbha sculpure  large bronze buddha sculpture
Mount Jiuhua 108 meters high Bronze Buddha statues in Anhui province, China.
Large bronze Bodhisattva sculpture was done for Bangkok  Thailand © Sino Sculpture Foundry
Large bronze buddha/Custom large bronze buddha for temple 
Bronze Amitabha sculpture / cover with gold foil/Sino Sculpture Foundy
Bronze Amitabha sculpture/cover with gold foil/Sino Sculpture Foundy 
large Bronze Amitabha sculpture
Bronze Amitabha sculpture in foundry fabrication stage at Sino Sculpture foundry  

The production of traditional large bronze Buddha statues requires the production of small models, medium models, large models, etc., which can only be adjusted and magnified by the eyes and skills of the craftsman. For the more stringent customer requirements and larger-sized Buddha sculptures, traditional methods are difficult to meet the request. This requires manufacturers to use modern technology, including 3D scanning technology, 3D electronic models, and 3D printing, to be more precise. Adjusting the model not only makes it more intuitive but also saves a lot of time and cost.
clay mold of Bronze Amitabha sculpture / cover with gold foil/Sino Sculpture Foundy  large bronze Bronze Amitabha sculpture
The application of 3D technology provides a more convenient way to make large bronze Buddha statues, and also makes it possible to make construction. Sino Sculpture Group has a team of skilled computer technicians who can carry out the in-depth design of 3D computer files created by customers, including shape adjustment, internal structure design, mechanical analysis, and steel structure calculation. Providing strong technical data support for the production of large bronze Buddha statues to reduce errors in the production process. At the same time, according to the installation site, they can provide a practical installation plan, to ensure that large bronze Buddha statues can be completed according to design requirements.

bronze Amitabha sculpture

Service  and product range :

Bronze Bodhisattva sculpture with golde leaves covered

Custom bronze Buddha sculpture
Large bronze Buddha sculpture
Casting bronze Buddha sculpture
Forged bronze Buddha sculpture

bronze buddha sculpture with golden color

Bronze Buddha fabrication work is one advantage of SINO SCULPTURE CO, we have been fabricating the large bronze Buddha sculpture for many years. Our factory has its special team focused on the bronze Buddha sculpture Design, Enlargement, bronze forged and casting, Engineering installation work, etc.

copper bronze Bodhisattva sculpture

Since established, we have done many bronze Buddha sculptures for important temples of China and Sri Lanka many temple building works. From life-size  Buddha statues to large-scale Buddha sculptures.

Respected Mr. Zhao Puchu and Shi Chuan Yin (The president of the Buddhist association of china) has been visiting us and guiding our large Buddha sculpture design work.

With many years of experience, Our Company has been an expert in the bronze sculpture fabrication industry.  Take the lead to use 3D Enlargement technology, a professional sculptor for refining Buddha sculpture design, molding, casting, forged, installation, and engineering.

Recent performance

We work on 1 set of bronze Avalokitesvara  (Guanyin ) sculptures   H 20 m

We finished one 1 set of bronze Amitabha Buddha sculpture              H 20 m

We made 1 set of bronze Zhunti Bodhisattva                                           H 21.9 m

We  done  1 set of  bronze  Ksitigarbha bodhisattva (Dizang pusa )  H 108 m

We  did 1 set of bronze Maitreya Buddha sculptures for the Zhenjiang Xuedou Temple

large bronze sculpture with model clay
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Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd is a large bronze buddha manufacturer from China, we have our own large bronze buddha factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.