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2021 New Stainless steel sculpture 

LOVE ME  Richard Hudson , at  Mexico

LOVE ME Sculpture at Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico

Contemporary stainless steel love me sculpture installed in Mexico
Mirrored stainless steel Love Me  statue installed in Mexico in 2021

Stainless Steel Sculpture Richard hudson
Tear,  Stainless steel sculpture Mirror polished, London UK  2015  Fabricated  by Sino Sculpture Foundry
stainless steel sculpture Studio Subodh Gupta
Tree, Mirror stainless steel sculpture,  Pairs France  Fabricated by Sino Sculpture Foundry
stainless steel sculptures richard hudson Love me
LOVE ME    Stainless steel sculpture with Mirror Polished, Sonoma CA, U.S.A 
oversea installatioin of the stainless steel sculptures USA
Stainless steel sculptures,  Mirror polished, American installation team.
small stainless steel sculptures artwork
Small stainless steel statue, artwork collection fabricated by Sino Sculpture Foundry
custom package for stainless steel sculpture
Custom Package of the stainless steel sculptures or bronze sculptures
stainless steel sculpture package protection
Interior stainless steel sculpture protection package
stainless steel sculpture installation.
Stainless steel contemporary art sculptures   California  (Left photo)  New York  (Right photos ) the USA 
Stainless steel, as its name implies, it is steel that does not rust, which has an insurmountable advantage compared to ordinary steel. As the most popular material in the past century, it has greatly improved human life. It has enriched people's daily life. We can see many stainless steel materials in our daily life, such as kitchenware and office appliances. With the rapid development of technology, the output of stainless steel has increased significantly, allowing it to be owned by the rich Luxury goods have become daily life work supplies for ordinary people, and the quality of stainless steel is also constantly improving. The applications of stainless steel are also becoming more widespread.

Sculpture, one of the ancient art forms, is constantly sublimated and refined with the change of the times. The materials used to make sculptures are also constantly changing, from the clay, wood, stones, etc. that were originally taken directly from nature to today's various metals and chemicals. The shape and volume of the sculpture can be extended indefinitely. Art creation is more extensive and achievable. This also greatly enriches the human life now living in reinforced concrete, finds the spiritual sustenance, and gives the tired heart a moment of rest.
Famous UK Sculptor Mr. Richard Hudson and His Superb Mirror Polished Steel Sculpture
Famous UK Sculptor Mr. Richard Hudson and His Superb Mirror Polished Steel Sculpture

Stainless steel, a kind of material that is superior to other metal materials, is in line with the tastes of sculptors, designers, and architects. It does not rust and has a long service life, cheap raw materials, easy to form, and it can be cut and re-welded. These advantages make it one of the most sought-after materials today. Many world-famous sculpture masters have realized their creations with stainless steel, such as the British sculptor Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons, etc. Stainless steel has an indelible role and status in the performance of its works of art. 
urban sculpture,stainless steel
-Urban Stainless Steel Sculpture Made by Sino Sculpture Group.
Figure 1, The Discovery SlidesMirror polished stainless steel -18×16.7×7.5 meters - 2018 - Singapore.
Figure 2, Urban Abstract Sculpture - Mirror finishing hand-forged stainless steel -Dia20×15 meters - 2017 - China.
Figure 3, Mammoth Skull - Mirroring forged stainless steel - 12×8×9 meters - 2017 - Norway

Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd  is a company specializing in the production and processing of stainless steel sculptures. Since the establishment of the company for 20 years, we have been adhering to the principle of quality first, bringing a lot of fine stainless steel sculptures to sculptors, artists, and other people around the world. And in the industry, the first manual forging process is used, which is a unique form of craftsmanship, different from the traditional cast bronze sculpture process. The forging process originated from an extended understanding of the plasticity of metal materials. At first, the method of repairing metal kitchen utensils for traditional craftsmen was gradually applied to the production of special-shaped curved surfaces such as automobile skins and bumpers. Due to the late start of China's manufacturing industry, the degree of mechanization is very low. At the initial stage, the production of the car skin and bumper was carried out by human and manual methods. However, due to the high requirements on the accuracy of modeling in automobile processing, this has also greatly improved the level of manual forging technology. Trained a group of experienced blacksmiths. However, with the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, the level of mechanization is also getting higher and higher, and the standardization of assembly line operations has greatly improved the accuracy and productivity of products. The original blacksmiths were gradually transformed into skilled workers or changed careers.

Video of Sculptor Richard Hudson's 10meters high LOVEME sculpture trial assembly in Sino Sculpture factory

In the early 1990s, Mr. Zhang XiaoL, a forging master who was changing the industry, and the uncle who is now a director of Sino Sculpture Group, led a group of experienced forging teams to bring the manual hand forging process to the metal sculpture industry. In China, it injected a new kind of blood into sculpture processing and production and also brought great changes to the sculpture processing industry. Through more than 20 years of continuous efforts, the technology of forging stainless steel has continued to mature, and the manufacturing process has become increasingly perfect. Made a large number of high-quality stainless steel sculptures for many customers at home and abroad.

The number of stainless steel processing and manufacturing companies also continues to increase, growing rapidly. But most of them are small workshops. They consist of a few forging workers, plus some apprenticeship workers. There are no large-scale factories and office staff. They are small workshop-type production units. This kind of simple structure workshop generally has chaotic quality management, no unified management, chaotic production, uneven quality of processed products, and disorderly service system for customers, which can easily cause problems such as production and delivery.
stainless steel sculpture proudction plant1. Sino's Beijing Main Office     2. Inside view of office Building      3. Xiamen factory                    4. Tianjin new plant in construction

From the beginning of establishment, Sino Sculpture Group has met stringent requirements from the supplier of materials to the deployment of personnel. It has always selected stainless steel materials and parts and components of joint ventures to ensure the quality of stainless steel materials, thereby ensuring the production quality of stainless steel sculpture. In the selection of personnel, we need to go through a variety of ways to ensure that the craftsmanship is excellent. A large number of funds are invested in the construction of the plant area and the production workshop, as well as workers’ training, learning advanced forging processes, and imported equipment from excellent domestic and foreign enterprises, such as welding, grinding, and polishing equipment.

After 20 years of development, Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd has produced thousands of various types of stainless steel sculptures at home and abroad. Through these sculptures, it demonstrates the craftsmanship, service, and professional standards of the Sino Sculpture Group. Below are some completed stainless steel cases by Sino Sculpture Group.
mirror stainless steel sculpture project
Figure 1, Intangible Mirror - Stainless steel - 24×5×7 meters - 2013 - China.
Figure 2, Atrium Sculpture - Stainless steel - Dia10×6 meters - 2016 - Italy.
Figure 3, Cloud Sculpture - Stainless steel -  40×24×18 meters - 2016 - China.
Figure 4, Dreaming Boat - Stainless steel -  49×6.8×5 meters - 2012 - China
Figure 5, Chinese Sence No.4. - Stainless steel -  4×6×2.6 meters - 2007 -China
Figure 6, Dolphin - Stainless steel -  2×0.5×0.7 meters - 2016 - Cape Verde
Figure 7, Chair Art - Stainless steel - 4×1.2×2 meters - 2015 - France.
Figure 8 & 9, Road Direction Sculpture - stainless steel -  6×1×1.5 meters - 2015 - Mongolia

How are exquisite stainless steel sculptures made? I believe that people who have seen these sculptures have such questions. The following will introduce how to turn stainless steel materials into exquisite sculptures and crafts.

1. Design.
Artists, designers, studios, architects, etc. Provide sketches and models and material production requirements. We will use modern technology and use 3D technology to scan the model in 3D and then use 3D computer software to enlarge the sculpture model. And optimization, the optimization of the 3D model needs to consider the distribution of the sculpture shape and the internal structure, and try to optimize the internal steel structure without changing the external shape of the sculpture. After the 3D model is enlarged, the surface texture will also change. Some blemishes will be exposed, and our 3D technicians will repair the surface texture. Ensure that the sculpture surface is flawless. Sino Sculpture Group also has a strong design team, which can provide corresponding designs for customers to choose from according to their requirements.
3d model of the stainless steel art sculpture

2. Steel Structure Design.
Large stainless steel sculptures can't support the whole sculpture only by the stainless steel skin. Therefore, it will have an internal main steel structure and auxiliary structure. The auxiliary structure is laser cut from a steel plate, and its shape is determined by a 3-dimensional electronic model. Its main role is to determine the modeling accuracy of the surface panel, and the second role is to strengthen the support of the stainless steel skin. The main steel structure is welded with different types of channel steel and steel pipes. The main thing is to support the entire sculpture and ensure that the sculpture can stand up. The main steel structure will be designed and calculated by the China Design Institute and signed and stamped shop drawings will be issued. We then follow the drawings to ensure that the main steel structure meets the design requirements and standards.

3. Modeling.
After the optimization of the 3D electronic model is confirmed, it will enter the stage of making the model. This stage will also be carried out in collaboration with the 3D electronic model. For sculptures with complex textures, we will first 3D print a small draft of 1:10 and observe If there is any place in the small draft that needs to be modified, if any, adjust it until there are no problems with the model. Finally, make a 1: 1 model and confirm.

4. Cutting Material.
According to the model's modeling, the experienced forging master will be numbered on the model surface. Then make the paperboard cut out the paper with the shape and size of each numbered area on the surface of the model. Place the cut piece of paper on a stainless steel plate and use a cutter to cut out the same stainless steel plate as cardboard.

5. Forging.
This is a crucial step in making forged stainless steel sculptures, and it is also a key step that best reflects hand-forged sculptures. The forging crews put the cut stainless steel plate on the anvil and repeatedly beats it thousands of times with a specially shaped hammer, constantly checking the shape with the model until each of the forged steel plates is perfectly attached and fit on the model.

Hand Forging Craft Introduction Video. 

6. Welding.
Each forged stainless steel plate is welded in turn, and the back is fixed to the auxiliary structure. Using argon arc welding to weld each steel plate, full penetration welding to ensure welding quality.
stainless steel sculpture factory

7. Finishing.
After the welding is completed, further surface treatment is performed. Use an angle grinder. Different sandpaper granularities from # 100 to # 2000 will be used to roughen the surface from coarse to fine. The surface treatment of stainless steel sculptures is often mirroring polished, matte brushed, spray painted, electroplated, titanium plated, and gold-plated. Each surface treatment will bring different surface effects.

8. On-site Installation.
For small stainless steel sculptures, the corresponding base is usually designed so that customers can place them directly in the appropriate place after receiving the sculpture, which is simple and convenient. For large stainless steel sculptures, they need to be divided into several pieces and shipped to the site. Generally, large stainless steel sculptures are packaged and transported to the installation destination according to the container size. Our installation team will go to the site to install the sculpture. Reassemble the divided sculptures together. Complete outdoor or indoor installation of large sculptures.

a, 8 meters high LOVEME in USA    b, 25meters high CLOUD in Shenzhen city, China c, 30meters high art in China.     

Through the above steps, you can complete the production of stainless steel sculptures. The effective connection of all links and coordination is the key to completing these sculptures. These are inseparable from the close cooperation of the staff of each department of Sino Sculpture Group and the support of external units. Sino Sculpture Group adheres to the principle of quality first, bringing many high-quality sculpture projects to artists, designers, and sculptors around the world.

Compared to the stainless steel sculpture of Anish Kapoor, we have adopted two completely different production processes. Anish Kapoor's stainless steel sculptures are produced by PSI, a metal sculpture processing company in the United States. They mainly rely on machine processing, such as Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture. To make each hyperbolic panel, a machine needs to be customized. This will cause a lot of extra machinery and equipment research and development costs, long cycles, and huge costs. And China Sino Sculpture Group will all use hand-forged hyperbolic panels, which can be achieved for hand-forging, and do not require time-consuming research and development of new machines. This has great advantages in cost control and production time.

In 2016, Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd used hand forging to complete a larger mirror stainless steel sculpture- Shenzhen Cloud Sculpture. This sculpture was designed by the famous Austrian design studio Coop Himmelblau. Our company is mainly responsible for the production and installation of mirror-shaped irregular surfaces. The sculpture was installed in the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art, which is located indoors, which caused great difficulties in the installation of the sculpture. The installation of the lower stainless steel panel can be completed by a crane, but the installation of the top panel requires human labor, one by one, it is lifted from the ground to the top for positioning and welding.
Due to the tight construction period of this cloud sculpture, it took us 8 months to complete its production and installation and deliver it to the customer. Compared with the Chicago Cloud Gate sculpture, from the perspective of production cycle and cost, our manual processing does have a great advantage. And we will continue to raise the level of forging technology, increase production investment, and train skilled workers. Strive to bring more and better sculpture production technology and high-quality sculptures to the stainless steel metal sculpture industry.

a, 3D Model           b, Stainless Steel Mock-up               c, 1:10 Foam Model       d, Site Installation                  e, After Installed.

Who we are?  How to fabricate the stainless steel sculpture?  Which type of stainless steel sculpture have we done?

Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd is a leading stainless steel sculpture fabrication foundry /Factory in Beijing China.

3D  Mold creation,  Precision design for stainless steel sculpture.

2015  Sky mirror stainless steel sculptures length 24 meters, height 6.5 m   Front mirror polishing stainless steel, back stainless steel with rock texture.

Sky mirror stainless steel sculpture
stainless steel sculpture dream boat
Mirror polished stainless steel sculpture dream boat

Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd is a professional stainless steel sculpture manufacturer, Located in Beijing, Capital of China,   Precision stainless steel sculpture fabrication, Large stainless steel sculpture fabrication, mirror polished stainless steel sculpture fabrication, large scale stainless steel sculpture installation.

3 Dimensional stainless steel sculpture forge  /welding technology and large sculpture artwork forging are our advantages.

fabrication of stainless steel dream boat sculpture
Mirror stainless steel sculpture fabrication in Sino Sculpture Factory
Through long year’s study and sculpture project engineering experience accumulation, we have been continuing to enhance our craftsmanship level to satisfy different requirements of new artwork. Through common effort, we overcome a lot of difficulties and realized the stainless steel sculpture with an artist sculptor.  we both fabricate the stainless steel sculpture and are good at designing the interior structure with European and USA standards. 

stainless steel structural sculpture 3D design
Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd  is nominated sculpture manufacturer of two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. In the past 10 years, we have been fabricated more than 100 pcs of high-quality stainless steel sculptures for the academy, our factory has been with artists, sculptors, and enterprises from Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, American, Europe, the UK, Norway, etc.

Rendering drawing of painted stainless steel tube sculpture
 Rendering drawing of painted stainless steel tube sculpture

From 2009,  Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd started to use 3 D create mold technology for design and precision stainless steel sculpture fabrication work .same time, we have 3 Dimension scan and paint technology to enlarge and fabricate the stainless steel sculptures, We have 20 years of stainless steel sculpture fabrication and engineering history, worked with artists, sculptors and owners in more than 30 countries, we dedicated to being the best stainless steel sculpture fabrication factory in the world.\

 curved corten steel architectural sculpture
Recent Performance ( Partial display )
31. 2019, 2nd Atrium Sculpture, Dia10m, Italy
32. 2019, LOVEME, H10m, Mexico
33. 2019, Football Bar Table, H1.6m, UK
34. 2019, Trunk Tree, H12.9m, India
35. 2019, Bronze cast Stone shape Figures, H3m, USA
36. 2019, Stainless Steel Figure with Globe statue, H2m, UAE
37. 2019, Man & Woman, H19.5m, the Philippines
38. 2019, Stainless steel Sculpture, H4m, Slovakia
39. 2020, Bronze Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Buddha Statue, H4.5m, Singapore
40. 2020, Bronze Monumental sculpture, H2.45m, Denmark
41. 2020, UNWIND, L3.69m, UK
42. 2020, Diamond, L4m, USA
43. 2020, Stainless Steel Spiral sculpture, 8 m  Italy

Before  Performance
2015  Large sky mirror stainless steel sculpture for river art sculpture park  
2014    Dream Boat sculpture (artist Wu Weishan, Yin Xiaofeng  )   Length 50 m  length. stainless steel polish
Contemporary stainless steel sculpture located at Nanjing Train Station.
2014   Large contemporary stainless steel sculptures 21 pieces,( artist sculptor all over the world )   Sculpture Located at Qingdao International Horticultural Expo
2013    20 m height bright pearl sculpture (Artist Duan Huasong ),   Material: Stainless steel sculptures   Located at Qingdao High technology development district.
2011 Chongqing Sculpture (Artist PB Wang)   Width 38 m Height 20 m, Material: White color lacquered with stainless steel, Sculpture located at Chongqing  City
2009   Sculpture: FUTURE, height   16 m  Height  Liaoning, Material: Lacquered white stainless steel sculptures, contemporary sculptures
2008   15 pieces of custom stainless steel sculpture for Olympic stadium and park.

Stainless steel landscape sculpture

Stainless steel landscape sculpture

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd is a stainless steel sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our stainless steel sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.