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hand forged stainless steel sculptures mirro polished
Hand forged stainless steel sculptures curved shaped 
curved stainless steel panel in polishing
Forging the curved panel and mirror polished stainless steel surfac
forged stainless steel sculptures
LOVE ME Sculpture , Mirror polished, Hand forged method,  Sonoma CA, USA.
package of the stainless steel sculptures
Customized package, Protection  of the Stainless steel sculptures
installation of the stainless steel sculptures
 Large stainless steel sculpture installation , Forged stainless steel with mirror polished / USA 

Forged Stainless steel sculpture means that the stainless steel material is applied with pressure to shape the object in the required shape through deformation. This power is achieved by using a hammer. Through forging can eliminate defects such as loose metal in the casting process during smelting and optimize the structure. At the same time, due to the preservation of metal flow lines, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than casting.
Forging Porcess of Stainless Steel Sculpture
Hand Forging Porcess of Stainless Steel Sculpture.

The preparation before the forging of stainless steel sculpture includes raw material selection, cutting, forging, welding, grinding and polishing. Before forging a stainless steel sculpture, the surface of the horn needs to be polished flat, smooth, and clean to prevent other metal impurities from attaching to the stainless steel surface, causing rust and affecting the surface effect.
shaping the mirror stainless steel panel
Clean off the Anvil Before Forging the Stainless Steel Plate. 

There are many types of materials for forged sculpture. As we all know, the quality of products is often closely related to the quality of raw materials. Therefore, forging workers must have the necessary material knowledge and be good at selecting the most suitable materials according to process requirements.
fabricaiton of the forging stainless stel sculptures
Birds Sculpture Was Forged by Stainless Steel. 

Stainless steel sculptures are formed by forging under external force. Therefore, how to ensure the deformation of stainless steel plates is the key to forging stainless steel sculptures. Stress and strain analysis inside the deformed body is also indispensable to optimize the technological process and control performance of stainless steel forgings. Only by fully grasping each step and requiring many years of forging experience can each piece of stainless steel be accurately and perfectly forged.
forged stainless steel sculptures garden expo park
Some Forged Stainless Steel Sculpture by Sino Sculpture Foundry. 

stainless steel sculpture train station nanjing
SINO SCULPTURE CO specialized in 3 dimensional forging stainless sculptures. Our team and engineer master has more than 20 years fabrication and engineering experience at large stainless steel sculpture fabrication.
Our company fulfills more than 100 pieces of forged stainless steel sculptures in the past 10 years.  

forged stainless steel parksculptures

Main performance

2014    Dream Boat sculpture (artist Wu Weishan, Yin Xiaofeng  )   Length 50 m  length  
Contemporary stainless steel sculpture located at Nanjing Train Station.  Craftsmanship : hand forged with 304 stainless steel with mirror polish texture .

2014   Large contemporary stainless steel sculptures 21 pieces,( artist sculptor all over the world )   Sculpture Located at Qingdao International Horticultural Expo
Craftsmanship : hand forged with 304 stainless steel

2013    20 m height bright pearl sculpture (Artist Duan Huasong ),   Material : Stainless steel sculptures   Located at Qingdao High technology development district .
Craftsmanship : hand forged with 304 stainless steel matt finish

2011 Chongqing Sculpture (Artist PB Wang)   Width 38 m Height 20 m   , Material: White color lacquered with stainless steel , Sculpture located at Chongqing  City    Craftsmanship : hand forged with 304 stainless steel

2009   Sculpture : FUTURE , height   16 m  Height  Liaoning , Material : Lacquered white stainless steel sculptures , contemporary sculptures

2008   15 pieces of custom stainless steel sculpture for Olympic stadium and park .

 froged contemporary stainless steel sculptures

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd is a forged stainless steel sculputre manufacturer from China, we have our own forged stainless steel sculputre factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.