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Service of Art Sculpture, Sino Sculpture Group, Building art for the world.


We're here for you whatever your Art Sculpture, Religious sculpture,like buddha statue  or special shaped facade projects consulting needs.

Our Consultation Service is backed by our crafts knowledge and expertise. Sino Sculpture team evaluates the sculpture and offers comprehensive, coordinated, and customized in collaboration with designers, structure engineers for design, material selection, craftsmanship and installation and quotation.

sculpture consulting service

Send us your details, and our designers will provide a complimentary and professional designing. And if you already have designs, our technicians will optimize it based on the fabrication process by 3D software, in Rhino, AutoCAD, UG, Sketch etc. Based on your needs and project scope, our designer will create a custom proposal outlining tasks, and a recommended design fee. 
Our highly qualified engineering staff includes experts in the fields of process, mechanical, providing engineering services, structural calculation and mechanical analysis.
Our team includes world-class designers and engineers who perform advanced modeling and detailed fabrication drawings suitable for the most complex, sculptures and façade..
The Services include but not limited to:
  • Drafting, Modeling
  • Process Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Structural Calculation

sculpture design modeling

Apply the advanced 3D technology, optimized the sculpture projects. Our structural engineers will calculate the main steel structure in the condition of the installation site.
Sino Sculpture have years of technical expertise to ensure that metal sculptures are fabricated to meet the highest standards, utilizing a highly trained technicians for all our fabrication jobs. This ensures that your metal sculpture projects can be completed in highly skill and quality standard.

large stainless steel sculpture fabrication foundry

fabricate the large scultpure artwork

Before fabrication, we will make a suitable packing and shipping plan for every sculpture project. We have coordinate the professional artwork crates company who can pack the sculptures in export standard. Cooperating with the specialized shipping agent for the shipping service in ocean shipping, air cargo and international express, to ensure the clients will receive the artworks without any damages and timely.

 custom package of the large buddha sculptureCustomized  the package for  each specific sculpture
Sculpture Interior package protection and loading to oversea
Sculpture Interior package protection and loading to oversea 
For large metal sculptures, and projects, it commonly will cut into many sections for shipping, and then reassembled at site, we Sino Sculpture have a professional overseas installation team. They can handle the site installation work coordinates with local technicians. We Sino sculpture also can provide technicians to the site for installation instruction and support for the client’s installation. For easy-handling installation work, the instruction drawings will be provided and the client can install it refer to it by themselves to cost-saving. Any how, we Sino will give a best and easy-operated method for every client.

USA Large stainless steel sculpture Installation

Maintenance is one of SINO 's most important foundation. It benefits to keep our Sino sculpture running smoothly and efficiently. However, the sculpture maintenance is a very challenging, expensive, and time-consuming undertaking for many companies. We provide efficient, thorough metal sculpture’s maintenance and repairs. We provides full, comprehensive services for all of your maintenance needs.
 USA large stainless steel scultpure  installation
USA  Installation and Maintenance