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Metal Sculpture

Sino Sculpture is an early professional manufacturer of metal sculptures. We are an international company integrating industry and trade.
Founded in 2010, Sino Sculpture is located in Shunyi District, the national gate area of Beijing, the capital of China. The company is a 20-minute drive from Capital Public Airport. now developed 2 production plant at Xiamen Fujian Province and  Tianjin China. 

Headquarter office located in Beijing

Xiamen and Tianjin plant factory

For more than 10 years, SINO Sculpture has been based on processing high-quality metal sculptures, metal crafts, artworks, metal building decorations, metal facades, etc. for artists, architects, designers, and other customers worldwide.
Different metal materials have different characteristics, physical characteristics, colors, and possible processing methods. Metal sculpture is contemporary art in the world today. It is a very widely used material in architecture. Unlike traditional stone sculpture, metal as new art and decorative language have more characteristics of the times. So contemporary artists like to create sculptures with different metal materials.

Metal sculpture Category
Stainless steel sculpture (S/S)                            Bronze /Copper sculpture                                   Cor-ten Steel sculpture

Install in Times Square, New York                  Install in Bangkok, Thailand                                    Install in Sinkiang, China

Painted Steel sculpture                                       Aluminum sculpture                                             Carbon steel sculpture

Located in France                                               In China                                                               Install in Shanghai, China

SINO 'S service is to fully communicate with customers after receiving customer drawings, 3D models, sculpture Marquette, analyze customer requirements, analyze material realizability, integrate all factors, determine the customer's material selection plan, and then carry out 3D modeling, sculpture model optimization, metal material testing, inspection, and production of metal sculptures (cutting materials, shaping, welding, polishing, etc.) After final customer acceptance is completed, packaging and overseas transportation are performed. In addition, we have a professional Metal sculpture overseas installation team. They have rich installation experience and internationally recognized welding certifications. They have performed installation work in the United States, Britain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, and so on. Successfully ensured the efficient, safe, and orderly execution of large metal sculptures.

3D rendering                 3D print                            Mock-up                            Meeting with customer                        Customer's visiting                  

Large Metal sculpture

Sino sculpture Co focused on high-quality alloy metal sculptures fabrication for more than 20 years.

Our factory has abundant experience at large metal art sculpture casting and forged fabrication and engineering.  We made more than 100 pieces of metal sculpture in the past 10 years; most of them are national projects and artwork. Large metal sculptures and monuments mainly.

Our team has been overcome and improved many industry difficulties at metal sculptures fabrication and installation.

Sino Sculpture Co cooperates with many artists, sculptors, builders, architects, enterprises for various types of metal sculpture. , thought our dedicated co-work, finally make the dream design come true.
  • 3D Mold creation technology supporting at design and presentation
  • Fabricated the metal sculpture from the artist‘s design or architecture requirement.
  • Give the engineering consultation before the metal sculpture fabrication section.
  • Large metal sculpture fabrication, installation experience ensures the project safely.
  • Material: 304, 316-grade stainless steel, mild steel, corten steel, bronze, brass aluminum, and other metal available to used.

Recent performance
2014    20 m height rust steel sculpture shape museum    at Xinjiang province
2014    50 m length large stainless steel sculpture for Nanjing station
2014    21 pieces of large contemporary metal sculptures made for Qingdao garden expo. (Stainless steel, corten steel, mild steel etc),
2010    68 m length   Rust Steel corridor for shanghai chenshan park, we got an award from BALan I National Landscape. And award from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd is a metal sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our metal sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal of sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.