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Casting Bronze Statue

casting bronze sportsman statue
Photo: Bronze Casting Sportsman Statue

Sino Sculpture Main Office and Bronze Casting Foundry

Sino Sculpture Group is found in 2000, its head quarter office covers an area of 8,000 ㎡ ( 1.98 acre) located in Shunyi District, Beijing, China. Two factories in Tianjin and Xiamen were built in 2017, and one cast foundry in Dalian province. The Tianjin factory covers an area of 29,600 ㎡(7.3 arce), the large production workshop is divided into a stainless steel sculpture production area and a cast works packaging acceptance area, it was officially put into production in 2018. The Xiamen factory works starting from 2017, covers an area of 4,000 ㎡ (roughly 1 acre) and is divided into two large production workshops, mainly for the production and processing of hand-forged artworks. In which factory the project is produced and processed, the geographical location of the two factories will also be considered, and then a reasonable allocation will be made. While, Dalian foundry is mainly focus on bronze casting process.

Sino Sculpture Main Office in Beijing
Photo: Sino Sculpture Main Office Building in Beijing

inside view of Sino foundry
Photo: Inside View of Sino Bronze Casting Foundry
With 20 years stainless steel/ metal sculpture fabricating and engineering experience, working with artists, sculptors, architects, designers and etc worldwide, dedicated to be top stainless steel sculpture fabrication factory in the world. Sino Sculpture is also nominated sculpture manufacturer for two top fine art universities: Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.
Since 2009, we have used 3D modelling, 3D scan, spatial orientation technology to optimize and fabricate sculptures take the lead in the industry. Our handcrafting team has more than 15 years in metal sculpture processing experience, took part in more than 100 projects over the world. Our design and engineering team has rich design, fabrication as well as installation experience in mirror stainless steel sculpture, huge size sculptures, dual-curved & shaped metal facades.
Sino Sculpture’ s motto is first quality, first integrity, first service. Providing one-stop service of consultation, design, manufacturing, shipping, installation and after service. We welcome your communicate and cooperate, welcome your visiting in person.
Process of Casting Bronze Statue in Sino Foundry
Photo: Process of Casting Bronze Statue in Sino Foundry

Major General Vang Pao Bronze Statue
Photo: Major General Vang Pao Bronze Statue

The Materials Selection & Types for Modern Statue Sculpture 

Statue is a kind of modeling of sculptural art. With the development of the Society, the use of materials is more extensive. Bronze, stainless steel, gold, aluminum, stone, wood and other different materials are using to create a Statue. Modern statue production is mainly bronze casting statue, iron casting statue sculpture, fiberglass and stainless steel casting statue sculpture, etc., while most of artists and designers are in favor of bronze casting much.

Dancing bronze casting Statue for Qingdao Expo. 2014
Photo: Dancing bronze casting Statue for Qingdao Expo. 2014

The Statue’s types are also very specified. According to its content, which include modern statue, ancient statue, Western statue, great man sculpture, ancient deity sculpture, abstract statue, Buddha statue, etc., While according to the application the statues can be divided into monumental statue sculpture, columnar statue sculpture. Most of statue sculptures are both decorative and practical. The statue sculpture is the most popular artwork that can show the cultural atmosphere of a society. You will find that the casting bronze statues are mainly erected in campuses, parks, squares, commercial streets, memorials and major urban landscape, and we can customize statue sculpture based on the proper around environment.  

Abstract casting bronze statue for Qingdao 2014
Photo: Abstract Casting Bronze Statue for Qingdao 2014
Chairman Mao Statue in Bronze Casting
Photo: Chairman Mao Statue in Bronze Casting

The Meaning of Casting Bronze Statue

Casting bronze statue is also a form of sculpture, just like animal sculpture, urban sculpture, etc.. Casting bronze statue is suitable for garden, square and other decorations, modern materials and technology for the bronze casting provides a variety of colors and textures possible. Casting bronze statue with its strong image of itself in the urban space like a fast and lively genie immediately grabbed people's attention.Buildings will naturally become its background, as well as high ornamental value, and are much loved by the majority of people.

Abstract Campus Casting Bronze Statue from Artist Ayad Alqaragholli-2016
Photo: Abstract Campus Casting Bronze Statue from Artist Ayad Alqaragholli-2016
The artistic characteristics of the casting bronze statue itself determine the existence of a deep human spirit, and strongly input this spirit into the environment, with a powerful function of internalization, sentiment and beautification of the environment. The role played by the casting bronze statue in the space composition of the surroundings is an important way of spatial dialogue, and is the spatial value of the three-dimensional characteristics of the statue itself.

Bronze Statue of Short Holiday from Ms. Wendi Zhang
Photo: Bronze Statue of Short-Holiday from Ms. Wendi Zhang