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SINO SCULPTURE Foundry is engaged in the customization, design, production and overseas installation of large stainless steel urban sculptures. In the past two decades, we have cooperated with world-renowned designers, sculptors, design companies, and construction companies to complete nearly 30 outstanding stainless steel city sculptures all over the world. We can use stainless steel, corten steel, perforated stainless steel, stainless steel mesh, etc. to realize urban sculptures of different expressions for artists and to add beauty to the city where they are located-the beauty of art.

 stainless steel urban sculpture
Mirror stainless steel urban sculpture,  Tear, Times Square at New York,  USA  Made from Sino Foundry
stainless steel urban sculpture
Stainless steel urban sculpture Skull, Park of Norway, Made from Sino Foundry
stainless steel sculputre
Stainless steel urban sculpture, Could Nine Raining, Singapore  Made from Sino Foundry
stainless stele urban sculpture
 Dream Boat, Train Station Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Made from Sino Foundry
customized stainless steel urban sculpture
 Stainless steel urban sculpture, Shopping mall square artwork, China,   Made from Sino Foundry

The stainless steel sculpture is a kind of urban sculpture that is commonly seen in everyday life. As stainless steel has many advantages, the characteristics of resistance to air, steam, water as well as other weak corrosive media, acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical corrosive media, it is widely used for the fabrication of public sculptures. 

However, the production process is quite complicated and careful-demanded. Here we introduce the process of stainless steel sculpture production.

I. Craftsmanship of stainless steel sculpture fabrication.

1. Material cutting. Generally, electric clippers are used to cut stainless steel plates for sculpture, which can cut the thin plate under 2 mm. But the flatness after cutting is not so good that electric clippers can only cut straight lines, of no help when it comes to arcs.
It is suggested that a plasma cutting machine be used to cut metals that are difficult to cut with conventional oxygen cutting methods. Since the electric current and gas are injected into a special nozzle cooled by water, a strongly compressed arc is generated to form a very high temperature (more than 10,000 degrees) plasma flow, so that the cut stainless steel plates are neat without deformation.

2. A fabrication method of carbon steel sculptures and stainless steel sculptures
The plates of carbon steel or stainless steel are not forged on the mold. Instead, according to the different undulating shapes of each part of the plaster model, the plates are cut and consciously forged bent or carinal as they should be. Forged on any tangible solid object mold, they are taken to be compared and confirmed shapes with the mold. When completely matching, the stainless steel or carbon steel pieces are welded together from top to bottom and each piece should be adjusted to the mold. The surface texture effect of each plate must be the same, which is forged while being shaped.

3. After the basic shapes of stainless steel sculpture pieces are forged correctly, they are welded together according to the requirements of the works (with electric welding and argon arc welding, etc.)

4. For the polish of carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates, firstly, the grinding wheel is used to smooth the welds and redundant parts of the work, and then the soft wheel is used for polish again. The artwork should be coated with polishing paste to increase the lubrication, so that it is brighter, which generates a fantastic visual aesthetic for people.

5. Stainless steel sculptures are recommended for larger shapes that may not be weld-required. The steel frame is made directly according to the proportion of the work with holes by an electric drill in the designed position, and the stainless steel plate can be fixed on the frame with nails.

SINO SCULPTURE CO fabricated many stainless steel urban sculptures for different cities and municipal administration and many public art sculptures for many countries.

The urban sculpture is a symbol and landmark of a specified city; it should carry the history, character, and couture for the city or community.
  • We custom stainless steel urban sculpture for any city administration, enterprise, organization. , urban sculpture design, stainless steel urban sculpture fabrication, installation.
  • Service to Artist /Designer/sculptor/architect, offer the engineering support consultation, fabricate the stainless steel urban sculpture based on their detail design.
  • Quality stainless steel urban sculpture fabrication is our main task; we also fabricate the stainless steel sculpture in lacquered color. Color painted stainless steel sculptures, rust steel sculptures. Stainless steel structure sculptures etc.

Stainless steel Grade:  316 L Stainless steel, 304 Stainless steel
Texture finish: Mirror polish, Matt, color lacquered, varnished, shiny galvanized, gild, golden leaf coated, etc.

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd is a stainless steel urban sculpture, stainless sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own stainless steel urban sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.