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SINO SCULPTURE GROUP foundry is a casting stainless steel sculpture expert, providing high-quality mirror polished stainless steel casting sculptures for artists and sculptors all over the world. lose wax casting work with mirror polishing.

Casted stainless steel statue sculpture reflecting in Cotteloe for Sculpture By The Sea
Casted Stainless Steel Sculpture-Reflecting In Sculpture By the Sea, Cottesloe 2021
casting stainless steel sculpture
Reader KID /  Casting stainless steel statue by Sculptor Xie Ke, Cast done by Sino Foundry 

cast stainless steel sculpture mirror
Mirror Polishing cast  stainless steel sculpture done by Sino Foundry 
casting stainless steel sculpture,Mirror polishing
Mirror polishing / Casting stainless steel statue /Mirror polishing surface/ Artwork 
casted stainless steel sculpture,mirror polishing
Ture mirror reflection of casted stainless steel artwork.
casting stainless steel statue
Worrior Sculpture / Casted in stainlesss/ Mirror Polishing 

With the continuous development and progress of casting craft, the scope of casting metal sculpture materials is constantly changing. The stainless steel material, which was born a hundred years ago, has been widely used because of its excellent chemical and physical properties and has gradually become one of the important cast metal sculpture materials. Through the traditional casting process, stainless steel can be cast into various types of sculptures. And because of its strong corrosion-resistance, the life of stainless steel sculptures can reach decades or even hundreds of years. Post-maintenance and repair are also very simple, easy to operate, and low cost.

cast stainless stel statue artwork, statue
Casting Stainless Steel Sculptures and Artworks from Hongkok Artist Mr. Xie Ke.   

The process of casting stainless steel sculptures is the same as the process of casting bronze sculptures, except that the material used is stainless steel and the melting point will be different, which will not cause great difficulty for a senior caster.

lose wax casting stainless steel statue
Casting Stainless Steel Baby Sculpture lying on an Apple. 

Casting stainless steel sculptures should pay attention to the whole, but also pursue fineness. Sculptural work can only appear to be empty and monotonous if it has only the whole and no details. Character expressions and psychological activities, textures of objects, modeling techniques. Many are reflected through subtle changes. The strong visual impact of the whole is shocking, and the vivid and subtle details are intoxicating and fascinating. It is indispensable for good work to combine the two. The sculptor has to spend a lot of energy describing the details. The quality of the details is mainly in the sculptor's skills, but in fact, the components of sensibility and accident are also very large, which are fleeting and cannot be recovered. The stainless steel casting foundry should also respect the original work, because the stainless steel casting, grinding, welding and other processes have damaged and blurred the details, which directly affects the artistic quality of the work and cannot be a perfect work.

casting stainless steel scultpure foundry, manufacturer foundry
Witch Sculpture Cast by Stainless Steel for a Senior Ireland Sculptor in 2015.

In today's time, how stainless steel casting sculptures to act on society and people's needs and pursuits for stainless steel sculptures are much broader and far-reaching than any previous era. Casting stainless steel sculptures are promising and will surely get further development.

casting stainless steel scultpure foundry

SINO SCULPTURE CO is a professional metal art sculpture foundry, casting stainless steel sculpture, cast bronze sculpture, cast aluminum sculptures, etc.
Custom service on sculpture mold,  stainless steel sculpture casting.
Contemporary stainless steel sculptures casting/forged welded fabrication
Mirror polishes stainless steel sculpture casting, casting stainless steel public art sculpture.  Large stainless steel sculpture casting service.

casting stainless steel statue

Stainless steel Grade:  Grade 316 L   Stainless steel, Grade 304 Stainless steel
Texture finish: Mirror polish, Matt, Brushed, color lacquered, varnished, shiny galvanized, gild, golden leaf coated, etc.

Cast aluminum sculpture Beijing foundry, casting aluminum sculpture artwork pieces, lost wax/sand aluminum contemporary sculpture artwork.

Lifesize casting aluminum sculpture did 2014  realistic sculpture from a famous artist.

Cast aluminum sculpture

Cast aluminum sculpture, Sino Beijing Foundry 

Cast aluminum sculpture , Sino Beijing Foundry

Cast aluminum statue monument, Sino Beijing Foundry 

Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd is a casting stainless steel sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own casting stainless steel sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world. wecome to visit our foundry in Beijing China.

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