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Contemporary stainless steel  art scultpure 

 Contemporary sculpture by Mr. Subodh Gupta installed in Sonoma, CA,USA 

mirror stainless steel Contemporary art sculpture,Ryan Gander, Because Editorial is Costly, 2016   Okayama Art Summit 2016
 Mirror stainless steel Contemporary sculpture fabricated by Sino Sculpture foundry, Installed at Okayama Japan

mirror stainless steel Contemporary sculpture,modern artwork
Contemporary art sculpture  at Sonoma CA,  U.S.A, Mirror Polished stainless steel, Richard Hudson  

Contemporary and modern stainless steel sculptures complement and perfect the traditional sculpture. The discovery of metal materials and the application of new processing methods not only changed traditional art, but also changed people's traditional consciousness, the sculpture's form concept, material concept, and space concept, and pushed the modern art's formalist aesthetic to another height. But this is not the end. Stainless steel sculptures have entered the pluralistic era of modernism since the 1980s.

Stainless steel contemporary sculpture,Harmony sculpture-Prague, Czech Republic
Harmony sculpture-Prague, Czech Republic
Contemporary and modern stainless steel sculptures are rich in various artistic styles. The contemporary and modern stainless steel sculpture art will move towards a new beginning. The pace of mankind's search for truth will not stop and will continue to create more modern stainless steel sculptures.
Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculpture
Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd  has been working with China and the world's top contemporary sculptor  ( Wu Weishan, Yin Xiaofeng ) for many years,  famous contemporary sculpture artist sculptor  Mr. Chen Wenling is our close friend, since 2010, we have been fabricating many contemporary stainless steel sculptures for them. 

Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculpture for train station

3D mold design support, 3 D scan, and painting technology application on contemporary art sculpture fabrication.
Liquid forged contemporary art sculpture in stainless steel.
3-dimensional forging craftsmanship
Contemporary stainless steel sculpture fabrication
Casting stainless steel contemporary art sculptures.

Stainless steel Grade:  Grade 316 L   Stainless steel, Grade 304 Stainless steel
Texture finish: Mirror polish, Matt, Brushed, color lacquered, varnished, shiny galvanized, gild, golden leaf coated, etc.

Main performance

2021  LOVE ME  Scultpure ,  Contemporary artwork , Stainless steel Mirror  polished ,  10 meters   at  Mexico 
2021   A pulsing Heart of the University, Mirror stainless steel,  in the University of Žilina, Slovakia.
2019  Mirror Steel Hramony Sculpture for Prague, Czech Republic
2018  Video of Discovery Slides at the Jewel Changi Airport
2014    Dream Boat sculpture (artist Wu Weishan, Yin Xiaofeng  )   Length 50 m  length  
Contemporary stainless steel sculpture located at Nanjing Train Station.  Craftsmanship: hand-forged with 304 stainless steel with mirror polish texture.

2014   Large contemporary stainless steel sculptures 21 pieces,( artist sculptor all over the world )   Sculpture Located at Qingdao International Horticultural Expo
Craftsmanship: hand-forged with 304 stainless steel

2014   Large contemporary stainless steel sculptures 21 pieces,( artist sculptor all over the world )   Sculpture Located at Qingdao International Horticultural Expo

2013    20 m height bright pearl sculpture (Artist Duan Huasong ),   Material: Stainless steel sculptures    Contemporary stainless steel sculpture located at  Qingdao High technology development district.
2011 Chongqing Sculpture (Artist PB Wang)   Width 38 m Height 20 m, Material: White color lacquered with stainless steel,  Large contemporary stainless steel sculpture located at Chongqing  City

2009   Sculpture: FUTURE, height   16 m  Height  Liaoning, Material: Lacquered white stainless steel sculptures, contemporary sculptures

2008   15 pieces of custom stainless steel sculpture for Olympic stadium and park.

  Sino Sculpture Group Beijing Office contemporary artwork

Sino Sculpture Group  (Beijing) Ltd  is a contemporary stainless steel sculpture, modern stainless steel sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own   stainless steel sculpture fabricaton factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience taken part in more than 100 projects ects over the world.