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Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Contemporary Artwork

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Contemporary Artwork, Japan

mirror stainless stele rock sculptures

Mirror stainless steel rock stone  made for Okayama  Japan, by Sino Sculpture   Foundry
Basic Information of This Sculpture
Art Sculpture  No. & Name Stone
Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth) H 3m
9.8 Feet in Height
  • Surface stainless steel 316
  •  Internal structure stainless steel 

Artwork  Surface   treatment
Mirror polishing Lacquer coated Matte Electroplate Brushed Hairline Patina

Artwork Finished Time   2016
Installation Location Japan


Artwork  No. 35  
Dimension H/ 3 m (9.8 ft)
Material  Stainless steel 316 Mirror polish
Location  Japan 

About this Mirror Stainless Steel Artwork

This stone shape stainless steel artwork was designed by a UK studio in London. It was made of stainless steel in 316L. Height is around 3meters and was installed in Japan. It is like a stone meteorite hitting the earth with fast speed. The mirror finish was just like the blazing light of it. The group of the stone shape was made by hand forging. 
Ryan Gander, Because Editorial is Costly, Okayama Art Summit
Mirror polished stainless steel sculpture at  Okayama Japan   

3D mold of the contemporary art sculptures3D MOLD of this sculpture which provided by British client 

CNC Millding sculpture Mold CNC Milling sculpture Mold fabricated  by Sino Sculptures

mirror stainless steel artwork CNC Millding sculpture Mold fabriated by Sino SculpturesFabrication stage of the stainless steel sculptures 2016

mirror stainless steel sculpture foundry Trial assembly at Sino Sculpture Foundry @ 2016 

mirror stainless steel sculpture japan Installed at Japan 2016 September 

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