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CASE OF THE Casting bronze sculpture

 Robert Lorrain ,canadina,casting bronze sculptures
Canadian artist with his Bronze Sculpture 
foam model of the bronze sculptures sculptor
Foaming model and sculptor repairing the clay and wax model 
green patina on casted bronze sculptures
Lose wax Casting + Green antique patina +Installation 
Bronze Rugby Sculpture | Sandymount Hotel in Dublin Ireland
Bronze Rugby Sculpture | Sandymount Hotel in Dublin Ireland
casting bronze sculpture,Ayad Alqaragholli WA
Casting bronze contemporary sculpture / Sculptor Ayad Alqaragholli  / Sculpture by the sea   Australia
Casting bronze sculpture is an important method of sculpture art fabrication. The bronze casting has a long history and mature in craft. The bronze copper casting process is more complicated than the forging copper bronze, and the recovery of artistic creation is much better. Therefore, it is suitable for the preferred production process for fine works. It is very popular with artists, especially character sculptures and abstract sculptures.

New statue of Gen. Vang Pao unveiled near Chico City Council Chambers
Bronze casting art is an important branch of sculpture art in China. With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, contemporary bronze sculptures have absorbed more rich artistic elements on the basis of inheriting the traditional bronze art. Through continuous technological innovation, they have made their artistic concepts, performance themes and art forms Fundamental changes have taken place and have become an important cultural carrier and cultural symbol that represents the spiritual and cultural life of the people and carries the spirit of the times.

Sculpture is an expression of art. The history of Chinese sculpture can be traced back to the Peiligang Cultural Period more than 8,000 years ago. For thousands of years, China's cast copper bronze sculptures have held an indispensable position in the sculpture art world.

So, what is the exquisite craft of cast copper bronze sculpture? How was the bronze sculpture made? The following is a brief introduction from Sino Sculpture Group.
custom bronze sculpture,cast bronze
Clay model and design of the Major General Vang Pao sculptures
1. Designing
The first is to design drawings for the overall concept of the sculpture, and then cast the cast bronze sculpture according to the sketches or models.
2. Clay Model Draft
Then it is to make a rough model of the designed sketches with clay. If there is something not right, we can change or adjust it on the clay model.
3. Mold Replication
There are two kinds of molds, one is to use plaster or fiberglass to replicate the clay model;
4. Wax modeling.
Fill the melted wax into the gypsum mold or silicone mold that has been made. After the wax cooled, it will become a wax model. The cast bronze sculpture art mainly shows the beauty of shape, texture and decoration, and is mostly used to express mysterious and deterrent religious subjects. The production of cast copper bronze sculptures generally goes through several important processes such as metal smelting, forging, carving, gold plating, polishing, and patina. The process is more complicated and also very sophisticated. There are two casting methods for cast copper bronze sculptures: the lost wax method and the sanding method.
5. Shell Making
There are two types of shell making and mold replicating: one is small pieces or complex. We should choose precision casting. The so-called precision manufacturing is to use fine quartz sand layer by layer to make a good wax, and then Burn the paraffin wax inside the shell with high temperature. The other is the production of resin sandboxes. Sandbox production is generally suitable for simple, flat reliefs, large copper coins, and the back of copper Buddha statues, etc., without much smooth surface.
6. Casting
Melting the bronze by high temperature and pouring bronze water into the finished shell or sand box.
casting bronze sculpure foundry beijing china sino
The lose wax casting foundry of Sino Sculpture Beijing

7. Splicing Cast Bronze Panels
Put together the polished copper bronze panels into a complete whole. After this step, we can basically see the general appearance of our bronze sculpture.
8. Clean the Welding Lines.
The welded parts of bronze copper sculptures are treated as same as the clay models.
9. Surface Finish
Cast bronze sculptures and statues  are available in patina, gold-leaf, gilded, or painted.
10. Sealing Wax
Sealing wax can keep the casting bronze sculptures new and extend its service life.
casting bronze foundry beijing Sino Sculptures
Sino Sculpture 's  bronze casting art foundry. Beijing China 
The maerial  of the casting bronze could  be tin bronze  or silicon bronze  for sculptures /monument artwork.

casting bronze statue monument

Sino Sculptue Group has an experienced bronze sculpture casting team, advanced facilities and traditional technology.

We had guaranteed service of precision bronze sculpture art casting, we can do the precision lose wax method casting sculpture; lose sand giant bronze sculpture casting both. Casting brass statue etc We have been casting much important bronze sculpture for well-known artist/sculptor both in china and oversea for many years, also have excelled quality performance at national sculpture monument projects, Commercial project. 

Other Metal Casting range :Cast aluminum sculpture and stainless statue as well , casting aluminum sculpture artwork pieces,lose wax/sand aluninmn contemporary sculpture artwork .

Cast aluminum sculpture
Life size casting aluminum sculpture done 2014  realstic sculpture from famous artist .
Cast aluminum sculpture
Sino Sculpture Group  located at Beijing, Capital of China,   We are the experienced fine art bronze sculpture foundry in North China.  Have a professional bronze art sculpture casting team, and patina team with more than 20 years experience. High precision lose wax casting bronze sculpture, sand casting bronze sculptures.  Artist level bronze sculpture casting service.we are the  nominated sculpture manufacturer of   two top fine art universities Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. we do casting bronze sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own casting bronze sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.