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Bronze Casting Army General statue,General Seare Mekonnen Ethiopia

Basic Information of This Sculpture

Art Sculpture  No. & Name Ethiopian General Seare Mekonnen
Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth) H 1.8m
5.1 Feet in Height
  • Surface bronze
  •  Internal structure mild steel 


Artwork  Surface   treatment
Mirror polishing Lacquer coated Matte Electroplate Brushed Hairline Patina


Artwork Finished Time   2019
Installation Location Ethiopia

Detailed About the Bronze Monument.

The prototype of this general sculpture is from an Ethiopian general. The whole statue is made of bronze with surface treatment of patina in height of 1.8m, including base.
The success of casting a bronze sculpture lies in the first step of clay sculpture. Excellent clay maker create a vivid figure with both hands through photos, and also create a sculpture with incredible details and life size.
The best way to pay tribute to heroes in reality is to commemorate their dedication and service to society with a bronze statue. Bronze statues are also an impressive way. Because it is permanent.

clay model of the bronze sculptures custom bronze general sculpture
1:1 Scale Clay Mould of the General Statue                                             Fiberglass mould of the General Statue

casting bronze general statue bronze monumental gereral General Seare Mekonnen
Bronze Cast General Statue                                                                   Bronze General Statue Monument Installation


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