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How to design and make the internal steel structure for big bronze Buddha statue?

Date: 09-16-2021
Video: the internal steel structure design and construction for big bronze Buddha statue.
For large outdoor metal sculpture, the internal structure is vitally important for its safety. This short video will show the designing and components of the Thai big bronze Buddha statue as an example.
Nowadays, the 3D technology is widely used in internal structure design process, which makes the structural calculation and mechanical analysis more accurate, and safer than ever. First the 3D designers will design the internal structure based on the Buddha’s outer shape. Then structural engineers will calculate it based on the the mechanical analysis and local site geological investigation report. Engineers will optimize the structure designing on the actual wind load, earthquake etc. elements.
While to give support and keep the correct shape of the outer bronze panel, the sub-structure is indispensable as well. These sub-structures are all laser-cut and located by computer data, which is accurate of shape and placement. Then the bronze panel will cover and fix on it by bolts connection inside. There will be a connection system between sub-structure and main internal structure to make sure the outer bronze panel can fix on the structure securely. Each structure element and sub-structure element’s installation are strictly followed all the data from 3D structure designing scheme.