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Interim Inspection and Acceptance
On Sep 17th, the client artist came to our Sino Xiamen branch factory for interim inspection and acceptance of the sculpture project. It was a fine day.Though going through a pretty long-hour flight, the artist was full of energy for this visit.

On arriving our factory, the artist was intrigued by various projects in process. He had much interest to get knowledge from the projects and the clarifications of our manager.

What drew his attention most was his work. It was in well-organized fabrication. The craftsmen were forging the stainless steel panels in pieces by hand to confirm with the design.

In the factory, the artist confirmed the design and direction of the sculpture to be installed. And one of the significant
purposes of the visit is to discuss the connection method and locations with the foundation.

After meeting, the artist had traditional Chinese food with the representatives of Sino Sculpture. It was a joyful experience for this visit and reception. And both of us look forward to their next trip here for final inspection in the near future.