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Casting bronze Buddha foundry, Custom large brass buddha statue
Bronze Buddha Sculpture Foundry

Sino Sculpture Group is a professional Buddha sculpture fabrication Foundry in Beijing China. We were established in the year 2000 and focused on large Buddhist statues and art sculptures fabrication. The factory is located in Beijing; a 20-minute drive from Capital Airport.

casting bronze sculpture foundry Beijing Sino Sculpture
 Foundry and office Building of Sino Sculpture Group 
casting bronze Buddha foundry,bronze  Ti-tsang p�u-sa Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
 Casting bronze Ti-Tsang p'u-sa Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva sculpture at Sino Foundry
Bronze Buddha sculpture fabrication foundry
Casting bronze  sculpture Foundry  Yard  of Sino Sculpture Group
 art studio of the Bronze Buddha sculpture FOUNDRY clay model
Art  Studio of the Sino Sculpture Beijing Foundry
Since the year 2010, we have pioneered the use of company 3D mold building and Space Location technology on large Buddha statue design, fabrication, and installation, which ensured the accuracy in both fabrication and installation.

Sino's design team has rich experience in Buddhist statue design. The traditional sculptor is broad in experience by engaging in designing many famous large-scale Buddha statues and other saint statue projects. The designers in art major use the latest 3D technology to assist in design and fabrication. Combining traditional handcraft with advanced technology, we try to finish every statue in the very perfect detail.

3d data collection, optimization, design, calculation
Combination of computer 3D technology and traditional manual forging
 3D scanning of the large bronze buddha statue foundry
3 D Data Collection: Scanning  on the plaster model 
plaster model of sculpture foundry
1:1 Scale  Plaster Model of large buddha sculpture in Thailand 

Sino Sculpture Group has Buddha Sculpture project professional team for large buddha sculptures, Bodhisattva statues, and other Saint sculptures. The service included design, enlargement, fabrication, and overseas installation.
Industrial copper plate for sculpture fabrication
Industrial copper plate for sculpture fabrication 

bronze casting buddha sculpture foundry
Forging the buddha sculpture on Industrial copper plate 

Seated Dizang bodhisattva sculpture, with lotus Throne  bronze sculpture
Seated Dizang bodhisattva sculpture, with lotus Throne at Sino Casting bronze foundry   
installaton of the casting bronze sculptures grand
On-Site installation of the 108 meters height Ksitigarbha Sculptures
Installation and maintenance team: The team has rich experience and already installed many projects smoothly in Thailand, Singapore, the US, Italy, the UK, etc.

 large golden bronze buddha sculptures
Large casting bronze ksitigarbha buddha sculpture, Height 108 meters  Anhui Jiuhua shan 

OTHER PROJECT SHOW OF SINO SCULPTURE GROUP CASTING BRONZE SCUTPURE FOUNDRY bronze casting craft was born more than 2,000 years ago in China and has a long history. It is the crystallization of the creation of working people in ancient China, and it is the enrichment and innovation of spiritual civilization. Bronze casting sculptures have their characteristics in all eras, both in shape and style. But the techniques used are very similar, they are all cast from bronze smelting. However, due to the improvement and development of craftsmanship, the fineness and quality of cast bronze sculptures have been greatly improved today.

fabrication of the casting bronze budddh statue polising of the bronze buddha sculptures
Welding and Surface treatment on the buddha sculpture feet part 


Among the many bronze sculpture classifications, Buddha sculpture occupies an important position and a large proportion, because Buddhism was introduced into China from India very early and widely distributed. This will allow more people to come into contact with Buddhism. There are many large Buddhist monasteries and temples all over the country. There are many monks and believers. These factors have also greatly developed Buddhist art. The creation and construction of Buddha statues are constantly increasing. Demand is also growing. Nowadays, the Sino Sculpture Group has been devoting itself for many years to studying Buddhist culture and Buddhist sculpture and statue craftsmanship. Later, a dedicated Buddha statue bronze casting foundry was established. Selecting a group of workers with excellent casting craft to form a casting bronze Buddha statue foundry to better cast bronze sculptures of high quality and exquisite craftsmanship for the world's Buddhist temples, and let the Buddha's solemn, sacred and universal values are better transmitted to all parts of the world.



Casting bronze Buddha statue for Singapore Temple
Casting bronze Buddha statue for Singapore Temple
Large Buddha Sculptures with Golden Coated
Large Buddha Sculptures with Golden Coated
Customized Bronze Casting Buddha Sculpture Artwork
Customized Bronze Casting Buddha Sculpture Artwork
Gold Gilding Casting Bronze Buddha Statuette
Gold Gilding Casting Bronze Buddha Statuette