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Bronze Animal
Video: Animal Sculpture Collection from Sino Sculpture

The animal sculpture is a kind of plastic art, using materials to create a certain space and accessible art image. Contemporary animal sculptures are active in all aspects of people's lives, and people have given their own meaning to different animal sculptures. The animal sculpture has always been an important type of sculpture art, both in ancient and modern societies, and is widely loved by people. Sculptors through the delicate portrayal, elaborate design, show the design of animals in three-dimensional form to the audience, which enhances the intrinsic connection between people and animals. Various types of animal sculptures are found in all corners of the city, enriching modern urban life and adding to the artistic atmosphere.

Bronze Whale sculpture in beach
Bronze Whale Sculpture in Beach
Photos: Bronze Whale sculpture on the beach

The most common materials used to make animal sculptures are stone, wood, cement, fiberglass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and so on. Various materials, therefore, have unique properties, and the animal sculptures produced have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the stone is relatively easy to obtain directly from nature, sculpting animal sculptures can also reach the degree of perfection, but if they use the stone to make large animal sculptures, then bulky, not easy to transport, need to cut sections to ship. These disadvantages are very prominent. But if you use metal to make large animal sculptures, then you can solve these problems, because metal is weldable material, when transported to the installation site in pieces, which can be well welded together, so that the sculpture forms a complete whole. Moreover, the metal panels are ductile, which is conducive to shaping the animal sculpture in detail. The hollow interior has a steel structure for support, which can ensure the safety of the sculpture and also reduce the weight, making it easy to transport and install.

Stainless Steel Mammoth skull Sculpture in Norway
Photo: Stainless Steel Mammoth skull Sculpture in Norway
With the improvement of the production process of animal sculpture, and the sculptor's requirements for permanent material and sculpture quality, the most common materials used to make animal sculptures are bronze and stainless steel. Production processes include casting and forging. At the same time, the application of 3D scanning and printing technology has freed animal sculptures from the requirement to rely only on clay models. Sculptors can directly use 3D modeling technology to create various forms of animal models, and then use 3D printing technology to generate a 3D model for later casting or forging. The development of technology will also continue to enrich the metal animal sculpture production process, improve the production level and the quality of animal sculpture production.

Flamingo Sculptre Exhibited in sculpture by the sea
Photo: Flamingo Sculpture Exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea

Custom design bronze animal sculptures.
Sino Sculpture Co specialized in custom made or replication the classical bronze animal sculpture  worldwide.

Recent main performance

2014 we replicated the classical bronze lions sculptures of Trafalgar Square in London.

2013 we custom the jockey horse sculpture for Canada

2012 we use 3 D scan technology to replicate the bronze lion( foo dog lions) from Imperial Ancestral Temple.

2009  we make the symbol  bronze bull for Australia,

2008  we make the bronze horse and chariot  sculpture for the Libyan government guesthouse

2007   we made the bronze jockey horse for Jockey horse club

Product range: bronze lion sculpture, bronze horse sculpture, bronze bull sculpture, bronze jockey sculptures, Bronze charging bull sculpture, bronze warrior horse sculpture, etc.
Material:  casting bronze, brass, steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.


Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd is a bronze animal manufacturer from China, we have our own bronze animal factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.