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New filmed Video of Discovery Slides at the Jewel Changi Airport
Edit: Sino Sculpture Group (Beijing) Ltd     Date: 08-31-2021

About the discovery slides
Art Sculpture Name: Discovery Slides at the Jewel Changi Airport / stainless steel facade sculpture
Dimension: (Height x Width x Depth):  L21m(69ft) *W15m(49ft)* H7m (H23ft) /  L21m(69ft) *W15m(49ft)* H7m (H23ft)
Material: Surface stainless steel 316L + Internal structure mild steel 
Finish: Mirror Polishing
Artwork Finished Time: 2018
Installation Location: Singapore
The Discovery Slides playground spans over 18 metres by 16.7 metres in length and stands at 7.5 metres high at the highest point of the platform. 

The Slide internal Installation was completed in the year of 2018. It was installed in the Jewel Changi Airport. It is located in the Canopy Park on the highest level of the new development, which includes a shopping mall, attraction park and a garden, all in front of Terminal 1. In this canopied park, more than 1400 trees and palms will be housed alongside many other attractions. Creating the ultimate airport experience, and convincing travelers to go through Singapore’s Changi airport instead of others.

A continuous and seamless polished steel skin wrapping around the three cones holding up the large access platform. A shiny jewel in the green forest valley of the park. It is an object that will attract people from afar. The shell, with its liquid mercury form, borrows the motion and aesthetic of its surroundings. It directs and accentuates focus on its surroundings so visitors can experience infinite and surreal reflections of themselves and their surroundings.