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Mammoth Skull sculpture, Mirror stainless steel contemporary sculpture

Mirror stainless steel sulpture,3D rendering of the stainless steel skull  sculpture

3D rendering of the stainless steel skull  sculpture


Basic Information of This Sculpture

Art Sculpture  No. & Name Mammoth  Skull 
Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth) H 5.3m
17 Feet in Height
  • Surface stainless steel 316L
  •  Internal structure stainless steel 


Artwork  Surface   treatment
Mirror polishing Lacquer coated Matte Electroplate Brushed Hairline Patina


Artwork Finished Time   2017
Installation Location Norway


Artwork : Mammoth skull 

Dimension: widh 850cm (28ft ) /  height 530cm (17.5 ft)

Material: stainless steel with mirror polished 

25th Mar 2017

About this Artwork

Mammoth, a very old creature/animal in the world. This design is a skull of mammoth. It was made by 316L stainless steel with mirror polished steel.  The animal sculpture was installtion in a natural park nearby a lake. It is a good choice for the material, as the surrounding is very wet, if using other metal, they may rust in short time. While stainless steel has a good anti-rust ability. It can last more one hundred years. 

The skull is irregular shape, hard to make it  with machice, so this kind of shape sculpture items are matching to hand forging craft, Only using hammer to shape the each steel piece based on the the 1:1 scale model.  And then welding each forged panels together and polishing in the end. The forged panels were fixed in the main steel structure by bolts.

stainless mammoth skull sculpture

Factory trail installation of  mammoth scull

mirror stainless mammoth skull sculpture

Factory trial installation of mammoth skull sculpture 

Linda bakka Mammoth Skull Sculpture

      Factory trial assembly, inspection, it was shipped to the installation site by ocean for site

Mammoth Skull Sculpture norway

mammoth skull sculpture norway parkmirror stainless contemporary sculpture

Mammoth skull sculpture installed at norway stainless steel mammoth skull norway

After installation at  Norway  Park   


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