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Contemporary Bronze Sculpture

We Sino Sculpture Group's oundry cooperated with world-known contemporary artists, sculptors,  Architect to realize their artwork statue at the best quality level.

mirror bronze contemporary art sculpture
Contemporary art sculpture, Mirror polished bronze, D 50 cm  
Our services include the Clay Molding sculpting, Small maquette enlarges, 3D Scanning of the sculpture, Optimized the 3D model, wax molding precision repairing and casting in lose wax and lose sand method, Mirror polishing, Sanded blasting surface, Brown green patina, patina with different color as below case.
color patina contemporary art sculptures
Girl -Contemporary art sculpture Bronze casting,  Sculptor  
color contemporary bronze sculpture
The color patina of the contemporary art sculpture, Casting bronze 
Sino Sculpture  Foundry  fabrication of the contemporary art sou
contemporary bronze sculptures sculpture by the sea Australia Contemporary art sculpture, Casting in bronze,  Sculpture by the sea  Perth  Australia 

fabrication of the contemporary bronze sculptures
 Fabrication the contemporary sculpture, Forging bronze,  Mirror polished 

Golden Sands Dolphin Contemporary Sculpture
Golden Sea Sands  Beach, Dolphin Contemporary Sculpture, Forged bronze, Green Patina, Public art sculptures with slid

Contemporary art sculpture fabrication
Clay Moldel, and 3D Model creation optimzied,
Contemporary public art sculpture fabrication
Installation of contemporary bronze sculpture oversea 

Sino Sculpture Group worked with well-known contemporary artist sculptors for many years.
We use the 3 D technology to support and optimize the design of contemporary art sculpture, and fabricate the contemporary bronze sculpture with 3D Painting, bronze casting, or forging copper.

 3D Model and CAD Support on the Sculpture design and fabrication.
Custom contemporary bronze sculpture for Gallery/ Owner / designer /sculptor
Contemporary art sculpture design
Engineering support
Fabrication of Contemporary bronze sculpture
Installation. Of contemporary bronze sculpture
In the past years, Sino Sculpture has fabricated the contemporary bronze sculpture for the Olympic stadium and World garden expo.
We cooperated with artists, sculptors, or enterprises from Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, American, Europe, the UK, Norway, etc

We are located in Beijing, the Capital of China,   We are the experienced fine art bronze sculpture foundry in North China.  Have a professional bronze art sculpture casting team, and patina team with more than 20 years of experience. High precision loses wax casting bronze sculptures, sand casting bronze sculptures.  Artist-level bronze sculpture casting service.

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd is a contemporary bronze sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our contemporary bronze sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years of metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects all over the world.