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Forging Bronze Whale Sculpture, Large Bronze Animal Statue

Forging Bronze Whale Sculpture, Big Bronze Animal Bronze Statues

Video: Forging bronze whale sculpture in Golden Beach Park.

Large bronze whale sculpture with slides
Large bronze whale sculpture set in Gloden beach Park.

Detail information of this bronze whale sculpture
Art Sculpture  No. Forged Bronze Whale Statue
Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth) L40*H10m
Material l Surface   bronze,copper plate 
l Internal structure 304 stainless steel
Artwork  Surface   treatment
Mirror polishing Lacquer coated Matte Electroplate Brushed Hairline OTHER
O           patina
Artwork finished time   2016
Installation location Yantai, China

More information about this  forging bronze whale Sculpture:

 The Big Forging Bronze Whale sculpture was set on the golden beach of Yantai, the middle part looks half-buried in the sand and the total length is 40m, its height is 10m. From distance, it is more like a falling whale and was forgotten by his companions on the beach because of his playfulness.
Up close, it is absolutely a pure work of art. Such a Huge Bronze Animal Sculpture was designed by a Chinese artist and made of the Copperplate as the surface panel. We adopted a hand-forging crafts process to ensure the surface flatness and smoothness. The internal structure is stainless steel 304 which is play the role of supporting and safety guarantee. The most special is we also can see a stainless steel slide in the position of the mouth. It is indeed a functioning slide, all tourists especially the children always like places with slides very much, this whale with slides is not an exception as well.
Then the whole outlook we treated with patination, which will be more closer to the real color of the whale. The coloring effect on the surface also seems to express the texture of the whale skin very vividly. This Huge bronze whale statue is also one of the popular attractions for many people to travel to.
llarge bronze animal sculpture fabrication
The large bronze whale sculpture fabricated in the Sino Sculpture factory
bronze whale statue manufacturing in Sino Sculpture
Bronze whale sculpture surface panel hand forging process in Sino Sculpture factory
main structure of bronze animal sculptures
Main structure fabrication in Sino Sculpture factory
installation of custom bronze whale sculpture
On-site installation of a bronze whale sculpture
the completion of bronze whale sculpture
The completion of a large bronze whale statue on the Golden beach
bronze whale statue with S/S slides
The completed bronze animal sculpture with playing ground.
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