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Forging Bronze Buddha Statue Sculpture

Basic Information of This Sculpture

Art Sculpture  No. & Name Standing Bronze Buddha 
Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth) H 8m
26 Feet in Height
  • Surface bronze
  •  Internal structure mild steel 


Artwork  Surface   treatment
Mirror polishing Lacquer coated Matte Electroplate Brushed Hairline Patina


Artwork Finished Time   2012
Installation Location  Shangdong, China


Dimension: H8meters.
Material: Bronze and mild steel as the internal main structure.
Installation Location: Shangdong, China
Completion Date: 2012.8.

About This Project

These 8 statues are forged bronze Guanyin sculptures made by our company, all of which are made with forged copper craft. From a technical point of view, the textures of the clothes are treated very carefully. We pay attention to fine workmanship in making copper sculptures. Only fine workmanship sculptures can truly win the favor of customers.
These are eight medium-sized bronze statues of Guanyin, all 8 meters in height, but with different gestures. They are common bronze statues of bronze statues of Guanyin. The specific specifications have a lot to do with the environment.
From the statue to the completion, we have been carefully made by the figurine and foundry to ensure that the quality of the Guanyin image is of the highest quality and solemn appearance.

1:1 scale plaster model for large bronze Buddha sculpture productionfactory inspection of the large hand-forged bronze Buddha sculpture
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