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Mirror Stainless Steel Heart Statue Of University Of Žilina, Slovakia

Date: 12-08-2021
Video of the mirroring stainless steel Heart sculpture.

This mirror stainless steel statue named “ A pulsing Heart of the University” was erected in front of the University of Žilina. Such a mirror-polished abstract concept stainless steelwork, the reflection object on it seems like composed by numerous lines. While viewed from different angles, its shape looks like a turbine, a shell, and sometimes even a dolphin. This is the real impression of the local college students on this sculpture.
The design concept of this mirror stainless steel statue is an abstract pulsing heart, came from the cooperation in the creation of the University Square and the UNIZA Green Renaissance Project, added by sculptor Bohuš Kubinský. A beating heart design also represents the dynamics of college students' lives, full of vitality and passion, meanwhile a symbol of a person’s life and dynamics as well.
Total 4.0m high and 4.4m wide made by stainless steel 316L, all high mirror polished surface finish is how we realize this meaningful custom stainless steel heart statue. Different reflection angles and seemingly symmetrical but directional and angular designs not only increase the visual experience but also give better meaning. The college-age is exactly the youthful mood, a hot pulsing heart is always full of expectations for the future.
on-site installation of mirror stainless steel statue in the University of Žilina
On-site installation work in the University of Žilina
The erected mirror stainless steel statue in Slovakia
The installed stainless steel mirrored statue in Slovakia